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canada team canada sochi 2014 2014 winter olympics this is simple and the redness is driving me insane but apparently it's perfect the way according to Val and Anita so voila LET'SSSSS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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doctor who Rose Tyler Torchwood gwen cooper mine: dw I miss them so much graphics by me here have a graphic of mine that i made in like... 2007? i figured i have this whole bunch of pre-tumblr stuff that i might as well post some day (thinking about space-y textures reminded me of all of these haha) god this should have happened my favourite time travelling and alien ass kicking ladies val likes stars and space-y stuff. deal with it. (repost from 10 minutes ago because tumblr fucked up. sorry if you saw it twice.) earth defence
supernatural dean winchester castiel destiel *spn *by me wedidntpartfriends *s9 val i got an idea this is happier right even tho cas is not amused
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