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A note. I see a lot of people posting herbal remedies. Please, please include the cautions and contradictions with an herb when you recommend it. Herbs are drugs. Some of them should not be used by pregnant or nursing women (kava kava comes to mind). Valerian is not a substitute for narcotic sleep a...
if you need any sort of medical care, live in new york, and are between the ages of 10-22 the mount sinai adolescent health center is completely free. you need to make an appointment but once you go there they will give you physical health care (check-ups, etc) dental care mental health care  medica...
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Medicine of the Heart @spiritjama
Darcia put on her work coat and pulled her hair back into a low ponytail. She walked into the office and grabbed her clipboard to see her patients foe the day. She just started working at this pediatric clinic and was excited to help people. Let’s see…Miss Spirit..that’s a pretty n...
Becoming a person of the plants is not a learning process, it is a remembering process. Somewhere in our ancestral line, there was someone t...
Let’s examine a traditionally male-dominated role that is very well-respected, and well-paid, in many parts of the world — that of a doctor....
I just want to give a shout out to all the medical staff that have to work during the holidays. Thank you for what you do and for caring and comforting those who are ill or hurt during the holidays. Thank you for spending your Christmas by their side and doing your best to keep them healthy. 
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