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lil about harry
when harry walked in i had a little gasp caught in my throat. out of all the things i was expecting i didn’t expect him to be so narrow and slender. in photographs he comes off as very muscular and broad-in person he is still so fit and muscular but much slimmer and tinier than i imagined. don’t thi...
Meeting Tolkien
I was up in Oxford meeting some friends, and we were in the Randolph Hotel. And someone said, “What are you doing here, this is all rather correct and proper. Lets go to a pub.” This was a way long time ago. Forty-five plus years ago. And we went to this pub, it’s now world famou...
  • Liam:Hey you on the monkey bars, be careful not to fall so you don't get a boo boo!
  • Andy:*falls off*
  • Liam:See I told you! Oh my gosh are you okay do you need some ice omg what's your name
  • Andy:My names Andy
  • Andy:What?
Why meeting someone online isn’t weird at all:
Our generation grew up with technology and the internet Since we all grew up with technology, we know all about internet safety.If you’re going to meet in person, you’re going to sure as hell confirm their identity before you do so because you’re not an idiot. We aren’t naive enough to believe out o...
One Direction Zayn Malik mine Zayn meeting
Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki j2 fan meeting
  • jesus:i have the answer to all of humanities questions
  • me:what does cr1tikal look like
meeting 1D HQS
me meeting jennifer lawrence
me: looking at my phonejennifer lawrence: Pay Attention to Meme: looking at my phone
  • Person:I'm an artist
  • Me:Oh cool! How much do you cry???
omg this is messy as fuck
Meeting an alien for the first time
Me: spell icup
Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone for the first time?
Hunchback of Notre Dame pitch meeting
“I’m talking SEXUAL LUST. I’m talking GENOCIDE. I’m talking heavy RELIGIOUS OVERTONES. also there’s gonna be a George Costanza gargoyle for the kiddos”
  • me:I respect you
  • bumble bee:Merci
the office michael scott Jim Halpert the meeting
Meeting the people your parents want you to.
How they want me to act How I actually act
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