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queue my Animes noragami
  • John:good evening, you alright?
  • Martin:what the fuck
  • -
  • Benedict:oh my gosh hi, I am so sorry are you okay? can I get you anything?
  • Sherlock:liar
  • -
  • Derek:stiles is such a dumbass omg
  • Tyler:smh shut up u love him
  • ...
Seungri daesung taeyang gd bigbang fan meeting
  • The Hunger Games:ok! Seeing we are the closest to sane, we'll run the meeting today! Mortal Instruments! You have a new book coming out soon?
  • Mortal Instruments:*bouncing off the walls* YES YES YES YES YES
  • The Hunger Games:Good for you! And Divergent you have movie coming out soon! Divergent? Where are you?
  • Divergent:*sobs from corner*
  • Percy Jackson:They are still not over Allegiant...
  • The Hunger Games:oh...and how are you percy jackson fandom?
  • Percy jackson:we are ok. Still have a long wait till our new book...
  • ...
protest news venezuela ukraine thailand according to public media
So this is a new YouTube channel called The Art Assignment, ...
gif jennifer lawrence lupita nyong'o she was stunning in this interview more gifs of lupita herself when i get a better quality video
gif disney concept art anna frozen sven disney concept art Walt Disney Animation Studios kristoff disney frozen
australia japan tour USA basement run for cover records
Zayn Malik edit*
1k Benedict Cumberbatch tom hiddleston cuddles hiddlesbatch bc: mypostshs
lady gaga MY EDIT NYC candids new york city 2014 meeting fans
1k mine gdragon gd bigbang gif:bigbang mygdedit mybigbangedit lovelyedit feed me chocolate too
Billie Piper but yeah Christopher Eccleston queued but still ~* gallifrey one dwedit bpedit i'm not 100% sure whether she said he was lovable after saying he was warm and charming cos it's hard to hear exactly there's a few bits hard to hear
140215 [Trans] unexpected meeting with Oh Sehun on the plane
Post of the baby’s mother On the plane and I unexpectedly┬ámet some stars known as a group called EXO. When boarding the plane they were surrounded by fans taking photos, NiuNiu (nickname of the baby) is really good on photos right. :p An Oppa sat next to to Niu and she was playing crazily with...
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love couple tim burton sad movie like cartoon i love you dark together always marriage corpse bride sadness Movie Quote together forever meeting
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