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1k weapons SU steven universe Believe In Steven eyes // hands// su pearl steven quartz universe hamboningdraws
Amy Adams gal gadot gg* dcedit AA* bvsedit loisjoannelane my fav part of the bvs promo tour is gal and amy's love affair i don't think there's two cast members more supportive of each other tbh there's another vid where Amy says that on her first meeting w Gal she went up to her and said 'we're going to be best friends. i'm adopting you'
HTGAWM htgawmedit Connor Walsh coliver oliver hampton ahhh idk i just wanted to make something
s3 parks and recreation leslie knope ben wyatt Ron Swanson 3.16 parksedit it's gonna be a bumpy ride to this summit meeting
LOL funny haha wtf humor funny pictures funny tumblr lolfactory tumblr pics
Twin Peaks david lynch agent cooper Dale Cooper kyle maclachlan mine: Twin Peaks twinpeaksedit i love him sm DAMN good food
President Barack Obama black history month First Lady Michelle Obama Virginia McLaurin
106-year-old woman has priceless reaction meeting Pres. Obam...
politics obama president obama news michelle obama black history month Obamas heartwarming Black Excellence identities
london fanpic feb16
106-year-old woman has priceless reaction meeting President ...
sherlock johnlock sketchy sketch john's friends are me stupid comics are stupid what even is this asdawasaeasdas
papyrus z art gaster sans undertale z comic handplates there'll be one more cute-ish interlude probably before the horrors begin again so enjoy it while it lasts aw yeah managed to work someone picking sans up into my horrible au gonna give myself a trophy there's nothing making that wonk sound it's just the noise i hear in my head everytime i see that panel
Rooney Mara cate blanchett long post smoking tw caroledit carol 2015 carol spoilers
star wars My art Princess Leia Chewbacca c3po rey leia organa admiral ackbar Oscar Isaac the resistance daisy ridley The Force Awakens poe dameron swtfa jessika pava general leia star wars : the force awakens rey x poe poe x rey damerey jedipilot jess pava jassica pava snap wexley
  • Magnus:Michelangelo was great in bed.
  • Magnus:I know because I slept with him.
  • Magnus:Because I'm attracted to men.
  • Magnus:'Cause I'm not straight.
  • Magnus:Like SUPER not straight!
  • Alec:.....
PLEASE READ THE UPDATES AT THE BOTTOMThis coming Saturday, February 6, at 8pm local time, followers of “Roosh V”- noted sexist, racist, homophobic, and overall horrible monster (not a human being)- will be holding secret meetings to rally for rape to be legalized. You didn’t read this wrong THEY WAN...
sherlock johnlock myart and i love them so much im pretty sad today just needed to draw some fluff shit johnlock is my first real ship sherlock is trying new things lmaolmaomalmo
z art gaster sans undertale z comic handplates got to find the bit for that drill skeletons of wisdom gaster knows darn well how he feels about it but heck if he'll admit it god the next one is going to be so long i just know it tried a different inking method with this one but i dunno if i'll keep it
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