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1k jessica alba
louis tomlinson One Direction gifs nano gif: one direction ah! done! this is for nano :) louis is so smart so perceptive and considerate he's so so lovely and wonderful ugh that last interview it was amazing i could listen to him talk about things that matter to him for hours because he has so much to say!!! and it's so important!!! blah i love him and zayn too!!! i had to cut it because it was too damn long but god zayn my love<3<3<3<3
1k * this makes me so happy Sprinkleofglitter louise pentland sprinkleofglitr baby glitter bitsandclips
my stuff community annie edison shirley bennett abed nadir jeff winger britta perry Troy Barnes pierce hawthorne communityedit
tony 2.08 Orphan Black tatiana maslany sarah manning obspoilers Clone Collision Nothing Like Meeting Yourself For the First Time
kingdom hearts roxas Ventus long post turbo angst dash stretch pop tag i havent done a kh comic in awhile so i decided why not now o/ AND I WAS RIGHT I WAS LITERALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF DRAWING THIS WHEN THAT 2.5 TRAILER SURFACED THE KH IN ME KNEW
Send me "Some Other You" and I'll introduce you to an AU version of my character!
gif 1k super junior kangin hyuk not bad vixx sanghyuk mine:vixx i woRDED this to make more sense/sound better in english idk man hyuk dont sass ur sunbaes go sit in the corner surprised hyuk returned from the jungle fully intact despite him doing stuff like this ah
1k mine s1 5k 2k twd the walking dead Rick Grimes Daryl Dixon 1x03 nr* Rickyl twd* i've lost my fucking mind
If the human knew the pleasure of meeting Allah and being near Him, he would feel grief for being distant from Him.
1k ceffy James Cook effy stonem probably gif: skins cook x effy skins meme otp: the whole fucking world knows us it has been like over a year since i worked on this meme and gifed not counting like 500x gifs i made here and there
Ryan Gosling edit rgosling *candids
louis family fatw wwa tweets WWA updates wwap wwa uk 31.5.14
Niall Horan edit his hair
1k Off how i met your mother himym 5k ted mosby @ ted x mother himymedit tracy mcconnell ted x tracy I STILL DON'T KNOW HOW TRACY DIDN'T SEE TED WEARING THAT GREEN DRESS LIKE WTFFFFFF IT'S A FUCKING GREEN DRESS HE'S RIGHT THERE HOW CAN YOU JUST PASS THROUGH AND NOT EVEN LOOK???
vintage cats beyonce Elle Fanning Maleficent
shinee g Vogue Girl six shining years with our five shining stars ^0^ minho was so fucking cute very earnestly bringing his speech omg they were all adorable as heck aegi team look at taemin in his sunnies thank you rachel for bringing this to my attention
comic scribble kaworu nagisa nge Shinji Ikari kawoshin i doodled this to cheer myself up aaa wasnt feeing so good yesterday anyway this is hella lame //waves good bye ?? maybe ha idk
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