• meeting •
baby meeting cat for the first time
tangled disney the little mermaid beauty and the beast aladdin cinderella pocahontas Sleeping Beauty Mulan snow white Disney Princess Princess and the Frog frozen mydisneypost
Rihanna funny justin bieber avril lavigne britney spears
marilyn monroe WWII History ww2 colorized
PLEASE READ THE UPDATES AT THE BOTTOMThis coming Saturday, February 6, at 8pm local time, followers of “Roosh V”- noted sexist, racist, homophobic, and overall horrible monster (not a human being)- will be holding secret meetings to rally for rape to be legalized. You didn’t read this wrong THEY WAN...
what drarry hpedit issisgif gif: drarry drarryedit i am cry in g what am i doing i would call it au but it probably happened at some point lbr
twitter medicine donald trump BERNIE SANDERS Martin Shkreli
marina abramovic Uwe Laysiepen Ulay
twins sisters Amazing Stories twinsters family bond separated at birth
protest i can't even police state police brutality no justice no peace mike brown ferguson staywoke no racist police farfromover
  • me @ myself:get it together.....
  • also me @ myself:ur literally going through a lot rn? cut yourself some slack?
  • also also me @ myself:...anyway....i hate my entire self
protest police brutality mike brown ferguson staywoke farfromover local government
omfg tom hiddleston hiddles hiddlestoner fucking stab me
President Barack Obama black history month First Lady Michelle Obama Virginia McLaurin
psa if you ever meet me in real life I am really sorry for how much I swear like it’s really not a joke I have a mouth on me like a fuckin sailor and I can usually turn it off around adults but if you’re under thirty five I will likely throw one ‘fuck’ in for every three word...
rape feminist sexism sexual assault feminism misogyny fuc university of mary washington yik yak campus sexual assault grace mann feminists united Paige McKinsey
gifs beyonce same Anna Kendrick same girl i love her forever
Me and my best (internet) friend of 3 years finally met and ...
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