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How to braid your hair:
Wet hair Comb through Separate at the part Draw a pentagram on the floor Perform blood sacrifice Offer up your soul to the devil Chant ancient Latin conjuration spell Summon Satan Ask Satan to braid your hair
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the year is 2025 scientists are still scrambling to figure out what “zigazig ahh” is so that they can give the spice girls what they really really want the spice girls are getting impatient war is upon us
Casual reminder that Mitt Romney physically assaulted a gay man.  Santorum was two letters away from calling Obama the n-word on national television.  Paul Ryan laughed as an elderly man with a broken arm was tackled to the ground.  All three of them have expressed their hatred of women in their pol...
  • the olympics:discovering hot guys you never knew existed
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Toy Story 3 I'm blaming meg too
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