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My muse is in the next room, moaning your muse's name. What does your muse do?
{M!A-ish meme} Put “You Belong to Me” in my ask.
I’ll generate a number… 1. For the next 2 hours, Any body part your character says mine has to kiss you there 2. For the next 24 hours, any time anyone leaves your name/URL in my askbox, my character will be unable to resist the urge to kiss yours. What’s the catch? Each time they kiss them, ...
tirinhas um-meme
tirinhas um-meme
My muse agrees to be completely honest and spare no details for one of your muse's curiosities, but ...
[text] I might be pregnant [text] Are you pregnant? [text] I’ll be home earlier than expected! [text] I won’t be home today, don’t wait up [text] How would you feel about moving in? [text] I have a surprise for you! [text] I’ve got the popcorn, chosen the film- all you hav...
Leave "Nightmare" in my askbox
And I’ll generator a nightmare my character has with yours in it. Numbers range between 1- 16. 1. Your character trying to chasing mine. Trying to kill or hurt them somehow. 2. Your character has betrayed mine in a particularly hurtful or embarrassing way. 3. Your character has kidnappe...
Send me a ? to see what my muse would get yours for Christmas.
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Send my muse a "?"
I’ll randomly generate a number from 1-24 to see how my muse reacts to:Your muse making mine some hot chocolate Your muse wrapped up as a present Your muse making an awful snow man Your muse asking for help putting up up decorations Your muse singing carols Your muse hiding mistletoe everywher...
Who would be the big spoon? Who would wake up first? Do they have nicknames for each other? What happened when they met each other’s parents? How do they apologise after an argument? What would they be like as parents? Who is the better cook? Who is more romantic? What sort of gifts do they ge...
Send me a "Freeze!" to see my muse's reaction to yours pressing their cold hands on their face
Send me a \(`?´)/ if I've ever made you ship something.
Send me a "?" for my muse's reaction to yours crawling onto the bed, trying to be seductive.
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Inbox kiss
Post these in my ask to see my muse’s reaction to your surprise kiss: ?:Kiss at school ?: Kiss on the forehead ?: Kiss on the hand ?: Peck on the lips ?: Kiss on the neck ?: Kiss in the Rain ?: Kiss in the Snow ?:Passionate kiss ?:Kiss on the nose
send me (? ???) if your muse has feelings for mine
You have 12 words to make my muse cry
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