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Best Song Ever Story Of My Life Diana Midnight Memories You And I Don’t Forget Where You Belong Strong Happily Right Now Little Black Dress Through The Dark Something Great Little White Lies Better Than Words Why Don’t We Go There Does He Know? Alive Half a Heart
Midnight Memories (download links)
If you guys want the whole album, here are the links to each song :) Best Song Ever Story Of My Life Diana Midnight Memories You & I Don’t Forget Where You Belong Strong Happily Right Now  Little Black Dress  Through The Dark Something Great Little White Lies  Better Than Words DELUXE SONGS: Wh...
love memories i love our memories
Black and White text mp memories box bad memories
sooo… is someone gonna leak this midnight memories music video because i think we’ve waited long enough trying to figure out what the fuck they were doing on that bridge
swag dope fresh ill Kid Cudi memories kid cudi quotes kid cudi gif best memories
anime monochrome bw ef a tale of memories yuugif tale of memories
One Direction k for anon midnight memories midnight memories tracklist excluding bonus tracks
Midnight Memories Writing Credits
I’m sure there’s already a post like this, but this is mostly for my own reference. I’ve already seen the wiki page being messed with, so I looked up the writers of each song for myself.     1. “Best Song Ever” - Wayne Hector, John Ryan, Julian Bunetta, Ed Drewett 2. ...
  • younger fans:sing in my hairbrush and dance around
  • Older fans:ride those dicks to make hella good midnight memories
  • parents:smash the source of that god awful song
  • newbies:* bobs head *
  • twitter fans:ASDFGHJKL
  • tumblr fans:i want to put on red lipstick, a leather jacket, drink a shit ton of pints, ride a motorcycle, make midnight memories while sucking Nialls dick like damn FUCK YES UGH LETS DO IT
when you go to the kitchen and there’s no food so you’re just like 
there is no easy way to say this: we collided like fist to drywall, but we both ended up bruised. there’s a hole in your stomach and swell...
Sometimes a relationship is hard to explain. Not friends. Not enemies. Just two strangers with some memories.
before i left for college i gave one of my friends an art project i made of cutting out colored pieces of magazines & make a portrait of me & it was really ugly & poorly made but i told her to bring it everywhere she went while i was gone & have adventures with it & she did. we c...
this is the worst album release of them all because now not only do I have to listen to them all 5 times a piece and cry over solos and riffs for each boy but I also have to cross-reference the songwriting credits and identify exactly which boys are responsible for which tears 
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