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Men Not to Fuck in 2k16
Hi, guys. Here is my heteronormative-as-fuck list of men to not fuck in 2k16.Man-Literature-For-Men Man - Are Hemingway/DFW/Franzen bad authors? IDK. Life is complicated and shit, but your top author list should cite something not from the White Man’s Handbook for Looking LearnedThe Christopher Hitc...
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Let’s examine that a bit. “Men don’t see dirt the way women do.” That’s a pretty common assertion. And it’s bullshit. Vision problems aside,...
I can’t believe we live in a society where men’s right to carry and use guns to murder people at any time is considered more important than the rights of the rest of us to not get murdered. I want to leave this fucked up, toxic country. 
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black men *calls huddle*
ok, in 2016 shit is critical. if you aint supporting black women in every way, then you in the way. if she wrong, we’ll handle it in the locker room but fucking support and protect them. every shade, every size, every color, from flotus to sex worker… no excuses
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