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My daughter lived more than six years with an incurable disease that filled her head with devils that literally hounded her to death, and sh...
Radical Mental Health Zines in PDF
Hi everyone, With the help of soyunacutre, I have created a list of zines about mental health that are available in PDF, please feel free to have a look at them and message me or reblog adding a comment if you want to suggest more. Let’s make this list bigger! :)Please be aware that I haven’t read a...
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i’ve seen a lot of posts, so fucking many, in the vein of “i dont need sad people in my life, contain it or you’ll get cut out” or “if you can’t be positive then i don’t want to be around you” like yeah instead of helping your friend in their time of c...
In this national “conversation” about mental illness, you’ll notice something interesting: no one seems terribly interested in talking with ...
Be proud of yourself for how hard you’re trying.
The best gains I’ve made have been in my mental strength.
Here’s the thing about anxiety and depression and other chronic mental illnesses: They’re not always just a thing when the people with them are so stricken that they can’t function. They’re also there when these people appear to be going about their everyday business. Somet...
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people who self diagnose themselves with mental illnesses and then refuse to go to an actual person who can diagnose them and refuse to seek help are actually the worst ok bye
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