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having an anxiety disorder is like having a dog that barks at intruders but also barks at nothing a lot so you’re always like. what is it boy??? what do you see??? what’s wrong?? like no. it’s nothing. nothing is wrong. my brain’s just a nervous puppy who yaps at the wind.
Mentally ill people do not gain freedom by committing suicide.
Robin Williams’s death is an unspeakable tragedy and a terrible waste of a tremendous talent. DO NOT ROMANTICIZE HIS DEATH BY SAYING “GENIE, YOU’RE FREE.” It’s a terrible insult to anyone who has ever dealt with mental illness and disrespectful to who Robin Williams was...
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  • me in a professional setting:haha yes it is I a fellow mentally healthy. so chums how do you enjoy always feeling the correct emotions at the appropriate times? personally I like how said emotions are always a reasonable intensity!
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being exhausted even after laying in bed and doing nothing all dayrequiring an extensive amount of time to rest in between simple tasks because it takes a lot of energy out of you constantly feeling like you’re running a never-ending race while everyone else is ahead of you being categorized as &ldq...
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  • people:it's okay to take a mental health day every once in a while!!!
  • me:okay great i need about 3,000
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70 seconds: That’s how long a North Carolina family says it took for things to go horribly wrong after they called police for help with their mentally ill son. Spread it. S...
Did u know: being mentally ill doesn't give u a pass to be a shitty person and let your reactions go...
I have depression and general anxiety/obsessive compulsive disorder Both of these things have sent me into dissociation episodes that caused me to have angry outbursts, sometimes physical even, towards people around me. They’ve lead me to intrusive thoughts that made me irrationally jealous ...
i love my friends! i love the way they just [clenches fist] fucking abandon me all the time. 
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What it means to be a Mentally Ill College Student
I am a college student at a top university. I also struggle with mood, anxiety, and dissociative disorders. This list reflects (some of) my experiences. It is what I want to send to my professor who is being stingy with extensions and far from understanding. But I can’t. Feel free to reblog, share, ...
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Keep up the Ferguson posts, but remember: DO NOT make posts about how Darren Wilson or the justice system are heartless, don’t have empathy, etc. because those are ableist as shit. There are loads of mental illnesses that cause a lack in empathy and caring, so do not fucking DARE compare us to...