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I rarely abbreviate my text messages
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Reblog if you want messages about ANYTHING.
I posted this and now it has over 114,000+ notes. holy. shit.
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I have followers but no messages
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Também está com (0) messages??
all i want for christmas is you(r money)
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when someone actually messages me
  • Wicked:YOLO
  • Spring Awakening:YOLO
  • Hairspray:YOLO
  • Chicago:YOLO
  • Les Miserables:YOLO
  • Phantom:Leave me alone to die.
  • normal people on tumblr:TMI Tuesday! I'll answer anything!!!
  • Me:Bitch please I would answer anything at anytime but no one asks me shit
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i need some love and affection and by that I mean anon messages
Personal text messages appreciate relatable
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