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Sehun's diary: 23 Nov 2006 Title: Milk "Milk from school. Top grade milk. When you drink the milk ...
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The recent CBS story regarding nine Swedish women who received uterus transplants undoubtedly caught the attention of transgender women throughout the world. Anyone, with even the ...
i’m going to refer to my team as ‘we’ because i’ve spent enough money on tickets and jerseys to be considered a small shareholder¬†
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I Feel Like A Knob
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Extended Plus Size Clothing Stores
Many plus size clothing stores stop at like a size 3X or 24 maybe 26, but if you’re a lil’ bit bigger, like me, you may feel like you’re outta luck. NOT SO! Lookit all these extra fantastical websites I found that offer extended plus size clothing.¬† Fashion to Figure Goes Up To Siz...
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