• mine Graphic naruto uzumaki I actually started this like 5 hours ago and got distracted by various things and just remembered it was sitting in ps shjafgs like I said I don't know why I decide to make sad things or anything at all :'( I can't tell you how much I wanted to fist bump every pedestrian as I ran through my neighboorhood screaming HE DEFEATED PAIN! THE VILLAGERS ACTUALLY FUCKING RESPECT HIM HAHAHHA REGRET BEING A BUNCH OF JERKS TO HIM DON'T YA?! after watching that ep daps bitches naruto has every right in the world to just one day say fuck it all I'm not feelin' it because he works his ASS OFF I wish I could find in myself the determination that naruto has I will forever love him for everything and anything he chooses to be he deserves nothing but the best :') •
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SWIMMING ANIME free! nanase haruka this is my magnum opus free! iwatobi swim club Free! meta mega meta i'm done now omg.
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My art fanfic thorkiedit THANK YOU BBY SatansSin Remember some time ago we were talking about a blind!Loki it's so tragic and beautiful at the same time and she wrote it for me i still adore it
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