• mine h-artzler •
me: can u please studymy brain: but that makes me stressedme: fine then dont studymy brain: but that makes me stressedme:
me, every day: i just dont have the energy for this today
1k mine photosets concerts h :(((((
1k mine omg h what a qt
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1k mine m x p h s t
me: well at least my self esteem cant get any lowerself esteem:
alright so …. let me just get this straight….. zayn got out of his contract bc he was unhappy but kesha has to do 6 more albums with the producer who raped her? 
popular mine m h jeb bush
mine all time low h Jasey Rae
mine glee blaine anderson W H A T
1k gifs mine photosets My Love h
mine sets chicken h music videos Little Things
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1k *mine Jeremy Renner hansel and gretel hansel and gretel witch hunters *mine: h&g
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