• mine okay cool omg is it bad that the first thing that i thought of when i saw okay cool was this sorry im not funny •
the best dan harmon
my stuff meh The mentalist patrick jane dedicated to HUMOR ME my stuff: tm is that okay? character: patrick jane Not my thing okayyyyyyy roswells-spell because she asked me to make my fave caps of jane and i hate caps so i made gifs tsc tsc i'm lazy like that even tho working with caps would've been easier than edit gifs but also sorry for the delay i was trying to edit caps seriously but i couldn't so omg this has been a tag post
sonic the hedgehog eggman okay bed kelly mutters officialsegaofamerica i saw this and thought of u im so sorry friend
percy jackson pjo 12!! okay now that i think about it harry was only 11 the difference is that i read hp when i was 9 not 14
doctor who mine Tenth Doctor doctor dwedit dtedit rtdedit gifs by ro made by ro mmcm and all i can think on that bottom left is that standing close to rose made him a little too happy so when queen victoria was all 'check out this bad boy' and whips out the diamond he thought 'sorry? what? oh play it cool play it cool just shuffle behind rose no one will notice'
mygif sungjong infinite when i first saw this in the morning this was the first thing i thought of like the resemblance was so obvious omg
Daniel Radcliffe top gif1 what if kill your darlings december boys zoe kazan danradedit kydedit potterbird what if movie whatifedit i'm sorry i tried to cut out the little kids' butts but then it would be super zoomed in and like. no. hahaha okay hopefully this is like half as funny to yall as it was to me when i first thought of in august lol also amazing. i just noticed that the talking gifs all use different names for butts/ amazing. hahaha
memes breakup meme jfc that was the fastest I've ever put on that make-up thank God for post processing break-up meme
mine disney Disneyedit Tadashi Big Hero 6 oh my god send help bh6edit bh6 spoilers big hero 6 spoilers big hero 6 camrip is it bad that the first thing i thought of when making the last gif was 'yum' tadashi looks yummy
I keep seeing “Steve is worthy” headcanons on my dash and those are fine but give me some “Natasha is worthy” headcanons. give me Natasha attacked when she’s with Thor on a mission, caught off guard, and in a panic she grabs the first thing she can and fights with it. I...
~ kristen stewart ily brb crying babyyyyyyyyyyy actually i tried my new color SIGH I THOUGHT IT WAS CUTE AT FIRST BUT THEN I SAW IT AND I REALIZED IT SUCKS SO BAD
myart watch it carmilla carmillaseries SaveCarmilla it's super cool and funny and feels tons of feels of every kind
mine sorry Arctic Monkeys blur the strokes julian casablancas albert hammond jr the maccabees bad quality i know but look at the strokes here in the middle like the fuckingss boss omg im crying mm what else to tagg i can tag all
Arctic Monkeys am fun stuff eyeballz do i wanna know i'm going to take this time to say that AM was the best album of 2014 and possibly of the last decade that is all everything about this song OKAY this felt like something high school me would do idk inspired by this thing i saw but i don't remember where from so i'm sorry
mine so yeah lauren jauregui fifth harmony camila cabello ally brooke normani kordei gif: 5h this is from awhile ago but i thought it was cool how it blurred and focused at that part this is shitty sorry i had to lower the colors to fit it less than 1mb
doctor who mine David Tennant ten MY BABIES this is too much leave me to die it hurts im not okay i swear Peter Davison too much i just lOVE THEM dont touch me ughhhhhhhhh this is the cutest thing ever dwedit fifth rtdedit my babiessssssssssssssss i clicked in this episode unintentionally then i was like oh let's watch it again but it was like a stab in my heart idk im just so emotional over it i screamed so loudly that my sister came to check on me and i was like im dying i could say my two favorites but i remember tom baker and eccleston tennant is my favourite but still they all my favorites
Racism republican barack obama president obama democrat disrespect Ignorance election
mine idk why brotp ouat david nolan HOLLER killian jones Davey Jones CAPTAIN CHARMING wtf did i just do ouat humor i'm not really funny but i tried okay and also that skinny jeans line is from sleepy hollow why the hell can't we have a scene like that rhos real husbands of storybrooke this shall be a thing submit me funny stuff peeps and i shall gif it!!!!