• mine parallels my post dean winchester sam winchester castiel destiel abel cain colette First Born 9x11 SO MANY FREAKING PARALLELS I CAN'T I had a much longer version of this I wanted to do...but this by itself already took 4 hours... Methinks I should get some sleep •
1k mine parallels supernatural dean winchester castiel 2k destiel DEANCAS spn road trip the bad seed cas 3k 9x10 11x03 cas version
my gifs supernatural season 9 dean winchester sam winchester castiel spn Crowley spn crack season fine this took longer than i expected season 9 gifs but i tried to get all the random things the fandom obsessed over each week
my gifs DEANCAS blood cw death cw spn musings blades cw cain x colette spn spoilers ~
dean winchester castiel destiel doodles Valentine's Day positiveseb vday requests WOOOOOOO THE FIRST ONE holy shit i took too much time doing this gonna try to make more in much shorter time thanks for the request by the way!! i had fun doing it!
supernatural dean winchester sam winchester castiel destiel dean spn Sam dean and cas Stairway to heaven metatron supernatural funny destiel fanart cas and dean castiel and dean dean and castiel destiel comic anichan7 destiel chibi
mine my post dean winchester castiel destiel i need to know 9x06 Heaven Can't Wait No but seriously what happened during this time period go to sleep Erin geeze
* supernatural dean winchester castiel Jensen Ackles Misha Collins destiel mine: supernatural over 1k otp: the most tragic romance that ever graced the planet this part. i'm gonna be very serious right now on my gif and i'm sorry if a ton of you hate long tags but just omg if you watch this scene. this is the part where castiel confronts both of the boys about WHY he's fighting. he's fighting for freedom for what dean and sam TAUGHT HIM THROUGH THEIR ACTIONS AND BELIEFS. what really hits me is when he says that 'freedom is worth fighting for. i just wanted you to understand that' and then he FUCKING LOOKS AT DEAN. and then we get a freaking extra 5 second shot of them just gazing at each other because they're fighting for each other DAMN IT. GIVING ME ALL THE FEELINGS.
1k supernatural sam winchester castiel Misha Collins spn Jared Padalecki Sastiel photoshop vomit First Born gif:spn spn 9x11 spn first born i was sobbing by this point omg i wasn't planning on gifing this but it made me so happy and i cried a shit ton so if i left it as it was it would have bothered me until i gifed the scene so it has probably been gifed 1001 times but idc i loved this scene it was so precious
my edits dean winchester castiel destiel comics DEANCAS spn s10 spoilers i just wanted to have them all in one post so. yeah. this was an experiment i actually quite enjoyed even though it took forever and i have no idea how comics really work considering i've read a total of maybe three different comic book series
ok, i love "Sam already knows" headcanons as much as the next person...
but imagine instead that one day he, dean, and cas are all sitting at one of the tables in the bunker, researching and eating lunch or something, and they’ve been at it awhile, and Sam’s started to kind of zone out and drift, and i don’t know, maybe I’ll just wait here then i...
My art dean winchester sam winchester castiel destiel spns9
spoilers mine Jesus God supernatural season 9 sam winchester castiel Misha Collins spn Jared Padalecki Lucifer Demon angel devil cas winchester cass sammy winchester First Born 9x11 season fine 9x11 first born
mine supernatural my post dean winchester castiel destiel spn boyfriends slumber party goodbye stranger 8x17 robbie thompson twistedsardonic 9x04 I just love his episodes so muchhhh No but seriously Dean was able to break Cas out of it cause of loveeeee
supernatural dean winchester Jensen Ackles spnfanart gadreel
my gifs supernatural dean winchester sam winchester castiel destiel eh DEANCAS i just wanted to collect deancas scenes where sam is actually present not all of these are quote unquote destiel scenes but hey read the subtext also i swear sam thinks castiel is the cutest thing ever but that's another story i could have gone back earlier seasons but i don't have them and also i already had enough...fun trying to fit all these scenes into a set it's interesting though because these aren't even the strongest destiel scenes if sam had been present in *those*
parallels supernatural castiel mygifset goddamn it the born again identity mySPNgif has this been done already? Hunteri Heroici mpl Heaven Can't Wait if it has i apologize THIS IS SOME GODDAMN CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT RIGHT HERE IM A LITTLE LATE TO THE GAME ITS LIKE ALMOST MIDNIGHT BUT MY FUCKIN PHOTOSHOP IS BEING REALLY SLOW IT'S TAKEN ME LIKE 2 HOURS TO DO THIS
My art supernatural dean winchester castiel destiel it's a problem spnfanart I REALLY LIKE SAD please ignore the really really really innacurate wings I'm usually better with this stuff but
gifs baby mine dean winchester castiel destiel DEANCAS spn but omg loml casdean i love this quote so much mishasprotectionsquad although i changed two of the lines bc it didnt make sense imo
My art supernatural dean winchester sam winchester castiel spn Team Free Will this is what the gabriel thing did to me i actually finished drawing this earlier this afternoon but we had to go somewhere and i only got to finish the coloring now gosh you guys i love drawing these three but i find dean the most difficult to draw i think it's his hair URGH i need to catch up i'm still in season 6 fhsajgakdflga i had to color in a bit of sammy's eye ffff i didn't think it would get notes so i didn't bother fixing it ;v; ahhhh thank you so much you guys!