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1k my edits my gifs martin freeman behind the scenes simon pegg Nick Frost Rosamund Pike Paddy Considine The World's End Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy I always find these tests so interesting because they're also in-character so they're testing the hair and the make-up but also how it all comes together with the character
Pride and Prejudice Matthew Macfadyen Mr. Darcy Keira Knightley jane austen Elizabeth Bennet Rosamund Pike Simon Woods Jane Bennet Mr. Bingley Pride and Prejudice 2005 movieedit stuff~ well at least amanda liked this thing thank you amanda
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star trek what happened Jim Kirk Bruce Greenwood mine: gifsedits STXI IT IS JUST mine: trekgifsedits Christopher Pike peene and fuck me kicking it old school b/c i watched stxi again last night so good? rolling-in-the-deep.mp3 i need to go write pike lives!au brb
mine* Fallout fallout 3 800* falloutedits minefo* it's the pint-sized slasher!!!!!! you know you're in the shit when a creepy little girl flashes across the screen
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mine Jim Kirk star trek into darkness Christopher Pike trekedit stedit* well that was incredibly difficult to color jfc
1k my edits my gifs martin freeman simon pegg edgar wright Nick Frost Rosamund Pike Eddie Marsan Paddy Considine The World's End Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy this has been sitting in my drafts since the fucking 720p torrent came out TUMBLR FINALLY FIXED THE ERROR ISSUE SO NOW I CAN POST THIS also with this I wanted to not only show when Edgar used similar shots for both crawls but also when the action fit what was being said about the EARLIER crawl so that's why some shots that were similar got cut in favor of shots that better showcased the new way the events of the '90 crawl were happ ening in the present like the 'drama' at the Cross Hands and so on
1k mine star trek spock Jim Kirk star trek into darkness Hikaru Sulu Christopher Pike trekedit mov: star trek mov: star trek into darkness being ridiculously attractive clearly is one of the requirements for the captaincy of the enterpise also i'm still bitter about pike
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Men always say that as the defining compliment, don’t they? She’s a cool girl. Being the Cool Girl means I am a hot, brilliant, funny woman ...
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