• mine xxx anyway long post for ts arrowedit olicitykisses dctvedit smoaks smoakqueenz idk fam i know i've made a similar one with just felicity but now that everyone has a codename it just seems fitting i don't hate how this turned out this took me a day •
me mine anxiety autism bpd ASD ref bloop I don't know what to tag this right now but I want people to see it so please reblog this to get the word out thanks
* joel mchale community jeff winger leonard Richard Erdman *1k *community shut up leonard this is going to be flooded in the tags by community posts tonight but idk i kind of just want to post it i'm not super happy with how it turned out but it took forever to make so idk how many people will see it but whatever this is a thing i made! jeff x leonard
tangled Rapunzel Flynn Rider brave anna frozen merida Elinor THE TRINITY wreck it ralph long post vanellope von schweetz elsa i originally drew this for mother's day but then i undershot the date which has NEVER happened before i usually end up being late !! but i'll post this now and think of something else for the actual mother's day
Graphic Steve Rogers long post for ts marveledit mcuedit graphic: marvel steverogersedit catwsedit graphic: steve i have a love hate with this i'm proud of myself for hand drawing some of the things but it also is just ughghughgu
mine caroline flack haroline harryedit hs GOD you cant believe how many hours it took to make this and how many hours it took to post this tumblr was being so annoying wouldnt let me upload them?!!!! anyway its finally finished lol and i miss this :((((
Benedict Cumberbatch oz comic con
my edits my gifs mine tom hiddleston hiddles anyway hiddleston hiddlesedit cheers-mrhiddleston I've been wanting to do this for a very long time his neck vein is amazing finding good pictures and moments on video of his protruding neck vein turned out harder than i expected it to sorry to all those to who this is a bit of an anticlimax haha i probably shouldn't have hyped this post so much as it really isn't that special but i had fun with it xD
naruto sasuke i hate this anyway i love this scene so much narutographic *trash AND ITS SO AMAZING AND WELL DRAWN IT KILLS ME idk there was so much potential in this one and i fucked up wow I just kinda like the clouds because i worked the hardest on them the entire sky was just black and it looked really empty so  ijust IM just fucking done with it I HAVE SUCH AMAZING FRIENDS I S2g PRU AND BECKY THANK U GUYS FOR PUTTIGN UP WITH ME AND ALL AWARDS TO ELLI I LVOE HER SO MUCH AND SHE'S AN ANGEL AND I WOULDNT HAVE GOTTEN THIS DONE WITHOUT HER BUT I HATE HER BECAUSE ; _ ; ELLI U KNOW WHY sasuke is so hot pissi's husband
* tegan and sara iratustegan okay shutting up now hehehehehe i bet you were expecting another gifset because it's all i can do for you lol sorry for beign talentless anyway WEEE ITS UR BDAY *sprinkles confetti all over u* *sings happy bday song v loud so everyone hears* *hugs u really tight and kind of like jumps around u being v happy* *grabs bday cake and smashes ur face against it like sara did to tegan* *runs bc if i ever do that im a dead woman* anyway uh i guess i've said it all???? happy bday ilu like A LOT V MUCH U DON'T EVEN UDNERTSTAND?? enjoy ur day EH u deserve it!!!! also all these gifs r us i hope ppl get the message the last one pFFF not even gonna comment the accuracy is absurd i tried not to use the same moments but five days left is a classic??? and like idk i hope you like this piece of shit bc it was made w/ lots of luv eh (should i start a tag: bricks' bday) (and tag all the gifsets i'll ever make for ur bday so u'll know where to find them to reblog them every november 13th) (bc i know ur a lil shit like that) (anyway sorry happy bday ilu bye) ((i know you're not online rn but it's midnight so i'm posting this and u can check it out when u show up weee))
lmao Personal rant? seifuku inspired outfit ouo
Captain America Steve Rogers Marvel peggy carter steggy is steggy a thing is that the word for it i don't really like how this turned out but i worked too long on it to just leave it
MY EDIT ok but i don't care naruhina I HAVE TO but I couldn't narutographic i'm off to sleep now naruhinagraphic Hinata  Hyuga i know there are tons of posts already don’t ask me why but I just needed some naruhina in my life today and i actually like how this turned out it's been like years since i made a naruhina edit idk anymore someone stop me from editing because i tried to sleep earlier
sherlock Personal love story sherlockbbc br0-harry verityburns death tw cancer tw this has been incredibly hard to write I couldn’t bear to make it an announcement of his death A celebration of our love seemed more fitting.
b gintama hell yeah shimura shinpachi Hijikata Toushirou gintoki sakata right! so Happy Birthday fuyukai desu and argh well the rest baka gummy kagura-s I've spent so many nights on this redoing it again and again because I never felt satisfied with some gifs but I'm glad I did because I hate giving halfassed presents this has so much kagura in it but as you really like her too I'm SURE YOU WON'T MIDN not that you're allowed to anyway I'll put this in my q rn in case I won't have constant wifi abroad and can't contact you on the very day which is probably what you even PREFER HATING YOUR BDAY AND ALL but you know what that means right?? I'm allowed to ramble a bit in the tags I'm already in the middle of rambling actually did you even watch kyoukai no kanata I'm not sure I already forgot where I was going NOW THIS IS HOPELESS ABORT MISSION and I just remembered that you have dirty socks how am I supposed to come up with anything nice now geez but it's your birthday so I gotta force myself right? uhm 1. you were the main person to introduce me to gintama okay that's it enough nice stuff said for today NOW I CAN REST rest in peace so you can haunt me
1k my gifs mine the vampire diaries tvd hayley tyler lockwood the originals BUT NOOOOO not tagging this with her full name for obvious reasons they could've chosen a 1001 words for her to say any other fucking word they just HAD to choose the one that made her a complete hypocrite so i felt the instant need to make this even tho i don't hate hayley i don't even dislike her but this just grossed me the fuck out
My art Haikyuu!! oikawa tooru tbh idk how much i like how the colours turned out but i dont feel like fiddling with it anymore and this song just reminded me so much of oikawa i crey
mine 5k look at it Twenty One Pilots Tyler Joseph Josh Dun Blurryface it took for fuckin ever with the god damn smoke fuck your smoky back josh fuck i t t t o hekll anyway yeah the smoke wouldn't look right for some reason??? but i guess it looks decent now totally in love with the first one tbh i was just gonna post it by itself but i don't wanna leave jersh out yo 5k notes