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  • ''Is there a moment from the recordings of The Flood that stands out most in your minds?''
  • Austin:I think all of them.
  • Alan:That one time when you started crying…
  • Austin:Oh!
  • Alan:That meant a lot. I thought that was really cool, actually.
  • Austin:I was on the phone outside with my now ex-wife, yelling… because that’s one of the reasons I left California. She sucks. But I was on the phone outside in the snow walking around yelling, all emotional, literally crying… Sorry, Dad, I admitted to crying, but whatever. And I threw my phone in the snow, just said, “F*** it,” ran inside and burst through the door, and I was tracking right there. I was like, “Let’s finish this song,” and put on the headphones. I got on the mic literally ten seconds after I’d thrown down the phone and come inside, and I recorded the entire song – the song called “I’m a Monster.” I just kind of winged it, and did the whole entire song after that situation, and it’s cool because I listen to the song now and I’m like, “I sound so pissed off!” It’s really cool because it’s real. I don’t know how many bands literally do that: Break their phone and then run inside and record the song and then it’s on the album. I think it’s pretty cool.
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