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  • - Act One -
  • Alexander Hamilton:The Entire Show: Abridged
  • Aaron Burr, Sir:What Rhymes With Burr?
  • My Shot:Ironic Foreshadowing, Part I
  • The Story of Tonight:We Drink Because We Might Die
  • The Schuyler Sisters:Love Interests. And Peggy.
  • Farmer Refuted:I’m a Douche
  • You’ll Be Back:A Colonial Breakup Song ft. Falsetto
  • ...
are you an a ‘burn’ cryer, a ‘stay alive (reprise)’ cryer, an ‘it’s quiet uptown’ cryer, or a ‘who lives, who dies, who tells your story’ cryer?
if youre obsessed with a dead immigrant politician/treasury secretary that’s over 200 years old and you know it clap your hands
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when the whole squad is down for revolution
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guys it’s like getting one of the annotated copies of Les Mis except with footnotes instead of end notes do you know how much I hate end notes & having to keep flipping back &a...
Aaron Burr: I hear wailing in the streets. Somebody tells me