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Adventure Time mine bmo adventure time gif hora de aventura we fixed a truck
film mine monsters university the third one haha so cute!
It’s only 56 days before 2014 and I feel like the only thing I’ve done this year was disappoint everyone including myself
gif LOL funny couple gifs haha mine lmao comedy video not mine HAHAHA ahaha ex call of duty cod vine guy problems custom gif my ex vine video notesss zach and carley
Your tongue doesn’t fit comfortably in your mouth
A moment of silence to all the kids who can’t wait to become a teenager because they think it’s fun
mine patrick post
gif mine 5k tom hiddleston chelsea chelsea lately hiddles he even knows russian
part of me wants to wear leather jackets and red lipstick and be super sexy and break boys’ hearts but then I also want to wear sundresses and be sweet and cute and shy and giggly but a different part of me wants to be beautiful and smart and mysterious and another part of me just wants to sit in be...
mine malcolm in the middle
mine jennifer lawrence
mine cats
gif mine
Fall in love with someone who’s comfortable with your silence. Find someone who doesn’t need your words to know it’s time to kiss you.
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mine writing mywriting things i think about
  • my final thought before making most decisions:fuck it
I love seeing people walking by with little smiles on their face because something small happened that made them happy. Maybe they got a cute text, maybe they got laid, maybe they killed a man. You will never know.
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