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4k lee min ho Lee Minho park shin hye kim woo bin woobin heirs 39gifs the heirs gifs:heirs heirs ep 11
when your whole crew’s outfits are on point
*** shinee s* sobs ;u; sorry i'll upate with hq gifs later
When SHINee hears a doorbell…
giveaway edit kpop Key onew shinee jonghyun taemin minho ;w;
  • Minho:What would the opposite of: "Children in the dark make mistakes." be?
  • Onew:"Mistakes in the dark make children."
  • Minho:Get out.
giveaway exo shinee Kpop Giveaway
1000 hyungshik ahahahah lee min ho Lee Minho park shin hye City Hunter heirs 39gifs the heirs gifs:heirs heris ep 13 i downloaded the city hunter ep for this omfg my 2 favorite dramas
taemin: ace  jonghyun: base minho: lace 
1k mygifs wow Key shinee jonghyun minho 10k kibum shineegifs omg i was so conscientious abt my wording idk cuz my english can be off sometimes ;; this part was funny hahaha ha..ha just like old times.... :')
LOL Bromance 1000 ship heh lee min ho Lee Minho kim woo bin woobin heirs the heirs heirs ep 16
ot5 Key shinee minho gif:shinee minkey
mygifs Key onew shinee jonghyun taemin minho ot5 forever omg i just spent hours on these how what why
funny kpop kdrama minho yoochun boys over flowers dorama My Princess k-drama rooftop prince to the beautiful you Goong jandi the heirs couple or trouble couple fantasy
leeteuk amber super junior dbsk tvxq kpop snsd siwon yunho changmin kyuhyun Key onew shinee Krystal jaejoong jonghyun taemin minho sulli shindong Luna Victoria fx heechul suju yoochun junsu sm tag explosion
  • Jonghyun:Before I shoot you I wanna ask you, if you have a pretty sister?
  • Minho:*kills 20 people with one bullet*
  • Taemin:*dance through all the bullets*
  • Key:Oh you wanna shoot me? OH HELL NO BITCH! *puts out a gucci bullet and shoot the enemie's brain out*
  • And there's Onew...
  • Commander:So you take the gun and run across this field, but you should be very carefully when you run through this field, because it's a...
  • Onew:*runs* BOOOOMMM
  • Commander:...minefield...
  • ...
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