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the minion rage on here cracks me up because I think the people who are mad about it must not remember what it was like after Shrek came out
they are taking over the world…
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Halloween is coming up and since I know how you all can get sometimes I feel like this is a necessary reminder: don’t make fun/make any sort of derogatory comment about a child wearing a minion costume. Children LIKE minions, there will be A LOT of little minions running around this Halloween....
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i just saw a video of someone harassing kids near a minions display and it was really fucking horrible so:don’t fucking harass kids for liking minionsthey are childrenit’s something that makes them happyit’s okay to hate on minionsjust don’t fucking scream at or harass kids for liking minions stuffs...
has anybody made the observation yet that mike wazowski looks like what you would get if you crossed a minion with shrek