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corypheus i got one question for youWHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE
a guy on the train just finished his book and started a new one immediately i think that is the sexiest thing i’ve ever seen
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me at night: ”Tomorrow I will wear something nice!” next morning:
Zayn’s New Song Titles:
BefourWrongIt’s You She
omg you guys this new anime isn’t going to be made in the 90s they’re going to have actual /fashion sense/ a moment of silence for mamoru’s teal and yellow track suit
Friendly reminder, witches - Just because you are an empath does not mean you are obligated to help other people with their feelings Just because you can work with spirits doesn’t mean you are obligated to help people with infestations or hauntings Just because you can divine does not mean ...
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"not gay"  ?   “straight”
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Don't let witchcraft erase who you are
Don’t become dependent on tarot readings to make decisions Don’t feel like the day is ruined if you left the house without drawing your card for the day Don’t feel helpless if you can’t figure out a spell to help Don’t rely on witchcraft alone to improve your relationsh...
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How Dean reveals he is bisexual...
Sam: I’m not kidding, Dean. This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. Dean: Yeah, I heard that one. Forgot about that waiter in Tampa? Sam: I thought you said waitress. Dean: …
“ i quit smoking in a day and i terrified her. i asked her why. she said: because. a person that can quit smoking in a day, can leave behind anything and not look back. what she meant was, i could leave behind anyone. ” - “habits”, hafsa atique
What if the first promo for Mockingjay is hijacked Peeta?  Like, it’s a dark screen and you hear a Katniss’ voiceover, “My name is Katniss Everdeen.  I am seventeen years old.  My home is District 12. I was in the Hunger Games.  I escaped.  The Capitol hates me.” ..and then BOOM flash to Peeta being...
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Avengers Extras Masterlist + Item 47
Gag Reel  Behind The Scenes | MF Download Steve Rogers Deleted Scene Bruce Banner Deleted Scene | MF Download Clint Barton + Loki Deleted Scene Alternate Opening Alternate Ending Item 47 Short
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