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I was supposed to write ‘amino acids’ and I nearly wrote ‘anime acids’
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan * mn ml mh MZ pls boys mli
ml dafuq
louis tomlinson One Direction * ml your eyelashes make me want to flY INTO THE SUN
someone: I love how welcoming and nice and non-toxic this fandom is~ me, sipping hard liquor from a “World’s Best Grandma” coffee mug: lmao give it time
Miraculous Ladybug ladynoir cat noir adrienette Marichat
please ml Philippe Koo Andre Douglas Darrell Walden
My art s aaaaaah my comics Miraculous Ladybug long post sorry THESE TWO ARE GONNA KILL ME ladynoir adrinette ladrien Marichat ML safe haven the Dupain Chengs will alway be perfect to reference Mulan leave me alone i wanna draw all the thing also i like the hc that Gabriel appreciates/approves of Marinette for his son because he can see the potential of the girl to get into the fashion industry and being a good asset/influence on his son and whatever fancy pants event they are invited to bracelet au
health tech science chemistry emergency medicine materials trauma bioengineering hemorrhage
My art ladybug nino Miraculous Ladybug nathalie adrien agreste gabriel agreste jackady ml fanart
ml ladybug chat noir ladynoir adrien agreste adrien x marinette Marichat ml comic the whole dang love square toriitorii
The true story of how I became a part of the Miraculous Fand...
Rihanna giveaway iphone nirvana give away Clothes clothing cable tab clothes giveaway clothing giveaway
Fanart ladybug my draws Miraculous Ladybug chat noir Miraculous adrien agreste marinette dupain-cheng ml spoilers ML Origins the second part destroyed me just fuckin rekt uuuuuugggghhhh whyyyyyy
louis tomlinson One Direction * ml
reveal headcanon
LONG POST AHEADok so imagine ladybug and chat noir have just fought their toughest akuma yetthe atmosphere is heavy and gloomy, and for once it’s raining and they’re all scratched up and exhausted an d;aldfj;alskdfj;aldfj this came to me in the shower showers are so magical sorry for inconsistencies...
louis tomlinson One Direction * ml
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