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Evolution of a witch
me 3 years ago: Don’t mess around with spirits unless you 100% know what you’re doing! You don’t know how powerful they are! Never even use a ouija board! You could accidentally summon something terrible and ruin your life! Leave this to the experts I don’t want to get hurt! ...
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1k Modern Family 7x11 mitchell pritchett jesse tyler
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Beauty Witchcraft
You know what I wanna talk about? Beauty Witchcraft. What do you guys add to your beauty routine? As a beauty blogger, I’d like to discuss! (Let’s hear some input from non female identifying persons as well!) Here’s some examples of what I do on the daily: - sigils written in concealer under founda...
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Modern Corporate Logos Unified With Classical Art Paintings by Eisen Bernard
Filipino graphic designer Eisen Bernardo presents a 15 piece art series that integrates corporate logos with classical art. This creative endeavour taken by the artist explores consumerism through the eyes of art. He exhibits how expression adjusts with function, giving corporate design deeper artis...
Modern love
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Modern Day Aladdin
A male loner is a hero of sorts, a rebel, an iconoclast, but the same is not true of a female loner. There is no virility in a woman’s...