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Forgotten MSPA Facts: Andrew Hussie once gave himself a horrible, horrible computer virus after downloading a .zip file full of shitty wizard wallpapers while making the interior of Rose’s house.
what is happening
That update made me feel like the last 2 years flashed before my eyes
If someone told me they were going to make a HS porno my reaction wouldn’t be “what ew no stop” it would be more like “FRANKLY, I DON’T THIN...
i think all the fandoms should be literally terrified of the what the homestuck fandom has the potential to do now
homestuck mspa update
so i googled this because i was wondering if eridan died right away or if his death was drawn out and painful and apparently you could live for 4 ish minutes before the brain shuts down so he could have been alive for a few minutes just bleeding to death slowly on the ground enjoy the rest of your...
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If you are even a small part of the MSPA Homestuck fandom reblog this now.
everything will be explained later
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The update is how I want to meet my internet friends.
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Why does nobody ever talk about the best fucking panel in the history of mspa
Sburb has been released
Welcome to the game motherfuckers. ==> DOWNLOAD
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more animation practice.
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