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  • Out of Muse and Mun, which one…
  • 01:is the most stubborn
  • 02:is the most practical
  • 03:has the shortest temper
  • 04:has the wittiest tongue
  • 05:gets more romantic attention
  • 06:gets in more fights
  • ...
Send me a "(?? ? ³?)" and my muse will respond with a kiss that resembles their feeling(s) or relati...
Hair: Irresistible Longing Forehead: Blessing/Friendship Eyelid: Adoration Ear: Temptation The Bridge of Nose: Treasuring Cheek: Dear/Kindness/Satisfaction Lips: Love Throat: Desire Nape: Deep Attachment Back: Confirmation Chest: Possession Arm: Affection/Adoration Wrist: Desire/Lust Back of Hand: R...
Send me a ? for a confession from the Muse. Send me a ? for a confession from the MUN.
I’m slow to answer things sometimes. I tend to misplace things. I get distracted. My muse doesn’t want to talk. Tumblr eats asks. But, I’m human. I make mistakes. And it’s okay to remind me about threads. It’s okay to resend asks. It’s okay to ask about things!
  • Name:Kiara
  • Personal account:insanematryoshka (not logged into as often since starting this blog)
  • Age:Older than twelve but younger than twenty.
  • Birthday:August 20
  • Nickname(s):Feli
  • Reason for nickname(s):Feli is short Felicitas which I used as a screen name on a website based on the Dollars from DURARARA!! It also happened to coincide with my later RPing as Italy Veneziano, or Feliciano Vargas.
  • Roleplay character(s):John Egbert and Dave Strider (duh)
  • Roleplaying History:I originally started roleplaying in middle school, commonly referred to as the weeaboo days, in a BLEACH forum on Gaia Online and other miscellaneous RPs. After a while I gained enough confidence to use paragraph style. Eventually I found out about that Dollars website and went on there for a while. There I met my friends Shaddy and Dei. For a while we had fun there until Dei decided to make a Hetalia Roleplaying group on deviantArt. I then started roleplaying as North Italy, making my Feli nickname really stick, and met tons of great people. Unfortunately the group died once school picked up but most of us still talk on Skype.
  • ...
  • What do you think of your mun?
  • Why did the mun pick you?
  • What's the worst thing the mun's made you do?
  • What's the best thing the mun's made you do?
  • Is your mun weird, or by the book? Why?
  • Have you seen your mun unhappy? Why were they?
  • Do you think your mun likes you?
  • What would you like to tell your mun?
I propose a thing I'd like to call "Meet the mun".
((Add a picture of yourself to this post. A smile, a face shot, something that’s appropriate.  Just to let others know you are a human being underneath that account. (Not a bot) You might end up surprising people. I’ll gladly start, should this idea get a few likes so people don’t ...
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Sollux does have two dicks thoughthe second being in his personality 
  • NAME:Priscilla
  • BIRTHDAY:March 10 {You have to guess my age. Unless you already know then shh.}
  • ZODIAC:Pisces
  • OCCUPATION:Casino Dealer
  • LOCATION:Alberta, Canada
  • EDUCATION:BA Egyptian History. Minor degree Archaeology
  • FAVORITE COLOR:Purple and Black
  • FAVORITE MOVIE:Armageddon; Princess Bride
  • ...
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