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when you’re needy and your rp partner is around
Mun VS. Muse
(Bold what applies.) ??????: WHO OF YOU IS: Older? muse/munTaller? muse/munRicher? muse/munNeater? muse/munNicer? muse/munSmarter? muse/munFunnier? muse/mun ????????: Who is a better friend? muse/munWho lies the most? muse/munWho swears the most? muse/munWho reads more? muse/munWho is more creati...
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Revenge of the Muses: Ask the Muse things about the Mun
This is the last time we’ll all be united as Tolkien fans for the sake of one trailer. Just know that I love you all and I would gladly sail to the Grey Havens with you at the end of this adventure.
((OOC: He looks so cute here. XD Like he’s drunk and Thor’s trying to drag him home like ‘JFC LOKI, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER OMFG YOU’RE SO EMBARRASSING IM SO DONE.’))
Starry Night Brush for Sai Paint
HOW TO ROLEPLAY 101  pretend you know what you’re doingaccept you don’t know what you’re doingslam your head against your keyboardcry about it
I’m slow to answer things sometimes. I tend to misplace things. I get distracted. My muse doesn’t want to talk. Tumblr eats asks. But, I’m human. I make mistakes. And it’s okay to remind me about threads. It’s okay to resend asks. It’s okay to ask about things!
Random Mun Facts
Tagged By: yukimuraxgirl 1. What’s your name?Charlie2. When is your birthday?April3. Where are you from?England4. Have a crush?Yisss5. What’s your favorite color?Orange or black6. Write something in capsDINOSAURS7. Got a favorite band/artist?Paramore8. Favorite number?59. Favorite drink?Squash >...
gif parody animation atla crossover avatar the last airbender snk shingeki no kyojin hanji zoe ((The mun is bored)) This is what happens when I don't have things to reply to askactualackerman FRIENDLY TITAN
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Middle Name: Browser: High school graduation year: Color of your bedroom walls: Favorite snack: Dream vacation: Most read book: Song from your childhood: Disney movie: Favorite blog: Desired URL: Theme style: Worst nightmare: Best friend: Tagging:
Meet the Mun
Send me a letter and I’ll answer the questions! 1. What was your favourite subject in school? 2. If your life had a soundtrack, which band performed it? 3. Do you prefer sweet or savoury foods? 4. Do you have any pets? 5. What’s your favourite movie? 6. Are you a cat person or a dog pe...
Munday asks!
1. Why did you choose this muse to rp as? 2. First muse you rp’d as? 3. Do you plot threads or just wing it? 4. A muse you want to rp as but haven’t? 5. A muse you wish you could pull off? 6. A similarity between mun and muse? 7. A difference between mun and muse? 8. A ship(s) you have f...
Mun Form!
Tag a few of your friends and make them fill in this form! For the MUN only! Name: Lottie Age: 19 Birthday: 4th May Gender: Female Sexuality: ?? (Not entirely sure at the moment) Height: 5 foot 2 Blogs: LittlexLottie, RegiusLoki, DarlingSigyn etc FC (If you have one): Izumiko Suzuhara xD Tagge...
  • Name:Kiara
  • Personal account:insanematryoshka (not logged into as often since starting this blog)
  • Age:Older than twelve but younger than twenty.
  • Birthday:August 20
  • Nickname(s):Feli
  • Reason for nickname(s):Feli is short Felicitas which I used as a screen name on a website based on the Dollars from DURARARA!! It also happened to coincide with my later RPing as Italy Veneziano, or Feliciano Vargas.
  • Roleplay character(s):John Egbert and Dave Strider (duh)
  • Roleplaying History:I originally started roleplaying in middle school, commonly referred to as the weeaboo days, in a BLEACH forum on Gaia Online and other miscellaneous RPs. After a while I gained enough confidence to use paragraph style. Eventually I found out about that Dollars website and went on there for a while. There I met my friends Shaddy and Dei. For a while we had fun there until Dei decided to make a Hetalia Roleplaying group on deviantArt. I then started roleplaying as North Italy, making my Feli nickname really stick, and met tons of great people. Unfortunately the group died once school picked up but most of us still talk on Skype.
  • ...
Send me a number from 1-50, without looking at the list! If you’re brave enough, reblog without looking too! Does mun have any pets? Mun’s Age Picture of the mun Mun’s favourite character in the fandom, and why Mun’s least favourite character and why Mun’s first eve...