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doctor: do you excercise regularly???? me: yes
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  • renaissance:MODES MODES MoDEs and lets make everything blend and ooOHH lots of chords yes yes many chords buT WE OVER-COMPLICATE EVERYTHING
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  • baroque:one melodic idea aND THEN WE TEAR IT APART WITH OUR FUGUES AND CONTRAPUNTAl and ornaments. homophonic? try poly. jumpscare dyNAMics and we have no pauses you keep playing till you die
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  • classical:e v e n s i m p l er! one melody and all the lesser important parts below it. and wE SLOWLY FAde intO DYNAMICs. piano! orchestra!??!!! PIANO!!!!!!! OMFG ITS A PIaNO!!!! ew harpsichord whoa moZART
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  • romantic:acccceelerando nO WAIt i want ritardandoooOO jokes. so free! so emotional! the tears and the feels uGH. REVOLUTIONS AS WELL. why's this orchestra so pathetic lETS ADD 784 NEW INSTRUMENTS!! and i want it to be so hard no one can play it
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If we were a medical school, and you were here as a med student practicing appendectomies, you’d take your work very seriously because...
Alt-J | Nara Stroke of pure genius.
permanent member of the wants to sleep needs to practice club
Listen to all the Homestuck Music your little hearts could ever ask for! Open the tab, sit back, relax and enjoy the pleasant music. It’s automatically set to shuffle through every...
Cough Syrup
Young The Giant  Young The Giant
Knowing a person is like music. What attracts us is their melody and as we get to know who they are, we learn their lyrics.
Announcing the #music tag on Tumblr.
After hearing much demand from the bloggers and fans on Tumblr, we have finally launched a #music tag page.  Track the new tag to stay up on the best new music, videos, artwork and photos on Tumblr, hand-picked by members of the community. The tag editors come from different areas of the music world...
When a dissonant chord resolves
  • teacher:so there's this thing...it's quite new...revolutionary, really...don't know if you've heard of it...it's called practicing
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I'm Broken
Pantera  Far Beyond Driven
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feeling myself.mp4