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Andrew Rannells the book of mormon vs: my gifs broadwaynetwork musicaltheatreedit theatrenet
MY EDIT hamilton lin manuel miranda Renee Elise Goldsberry broadwaynetwork musicaltheatreedit phillipa soo
1k my edits 2k hamilton lin-manuel miranda musicaltheatreedit hamilton broadway hamiltonedit
1k my edits p wicked gelphie wicked the musical Wicked London Savannah Stevenson musicaltheatreedit emma hatton
1k my edits 2k hamilton Satisfied Renee Elise Goldsberry musicaltheatreedit hamilton musical hamilton broadway angelica schuyler hamiltonedit
1k mygif 5k musicals hamilton theatreedit musicaltheatreedit phillipa soo
* Broadway Theatre hamilton *theatre *hamilton broadwayedit musicaltheatreedit .been wanting to gif Hamilton mocking Jefferson's dancing since I saw the show .also if anyone has non-CBS links to the 60 mins videosĀ  you will be my hero
* Broadway Theatre hamilton *theatre broadwayedit musicaltheatreedit .I know the first is Maria not Peggy but still
500 musicals spring awakening th* 1k* 3k* musicals* theatreedit musicaltheatreedit dwsa yet another musical i'll never be able to see
* gifs phantom of the opera christine daae Sierra Boggess broadwaynetwork musicaltheatreedit not sure how i feel about this but i'm posting it anyway the last gif looks AWFUL but i'm too lazy to remake it
1k mypost myedit Ken Watanabe the king and i broadwaynetwork musicaltheatreedit conrad ricamora ashley park ruthie ann miles because i haven't seen any appreciation for them
** Anna Kendrick jeremy jordan the last five years musicaltheatreedit does it count like musical theatre edit IDK
mine hamilton theatreedit musicaltheatreedit hamilton the musical phillipa soo in case you can't tell: i rlly like eliza also did u know that today is the real elizabeth hamilton's birthday
1k myedit Bonnie and Clyde jeremy jordan Newsies theatre challenge broadwaynetwork musicaltheatreedit
MY EDIT Pippin patina miller pippin broadway pippin musical musicaltheatreedit mtfcm* i know the role isn't gender specific but too bad
my gifs musicals Julie Andrews the sound of music period drama perioddramaedit musicaltheatreedit wdpd
1k ~ Idina Menzel kelli o'hara musicaltheatreedit projectbway pbpinkteam and other people but only the first five tags show up so what is the point
1k smash get to know me jeremy jordan tl5y Hitlist theatreedit musicaltheatreedit
* susan blackwell so there [weeps] title of show heidi blickenstaff broadwaynetwork musicaltheatreedit jeff bowen hunter bell mtsa nine people's favorite thing remember when i lost my harddrive and thus lost all the bootlegs i had saved?? remember how i lost my title of show bootleg?? and can't find it anywhere anymore?? obviously die vampire die is a hit and i'd want to gif that but of course i can't find video of it rip so i chose this one - while not my favorite (wink lol) - i still love it it's catchy as hell and it has nice harmonies and i love this show