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Muslim brothers and sisters
So I found this app called Scan Halal where you scan the bar code of your food and it tells you if its halal or not. It’s a free app too. Pass this on so others can see and worry a little less about their food/snack choices
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Muslim Culture
Muslim culture is having 85% of the mosque’s population at the hospital waiting room when your grandma has a heart attack. It’s when your uncle passes in a different country so everyone comes over to your house with food and condolences, even the family you’re having drama with. ...
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If the killer is Muslim it's terrorism, but if the victim is Muslim it's not worth a news story?
Support Muslim girls who decide to take off their hijabs to protect themselves from Islamophobes.
Imagine a Muslim Witch
Her parents are severely alarmed at her first incident of accidental magic, when she’s a baby and summons the apple slice right out of her distracted mother’s hand. They read Quran over her and throughout the house to ward against djinn, but the accidental magic continues, so the write a...
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