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gaming pokemon sorry zangoose lopunny Buneary seviper fletching there's too many of them I don't feel like tagging more EDIT: by mistake I drew holly instead of mistletoe - fixed it now
my doodles ya feel me dragon age inquisition da:i Krem Cremisius Aclassi Krem for romanceable companion in da4 Krem needs to be a companion in the next game and be romanceable by all races and genders I spend way too much time drawing Krem sticks with Krems original color scheme because Im lazy
doodles purple guy
art Fanart i don't even know doodles star trek ? TOS Jim Kirk bones mccoy tribbles space dorks all about that space it happened at work okay bout that space no tribbles i'm a massive nerd and i can't help myself
1k art pokemon Girafarig video game doodles POKEDDEXY i really like how these colors came together
homestuck <3 doodles homestuck art pre-scratch trolls damara damara megido bae 4 ever
doodles Persona 3 is the judgement worth it mmmmmmm blockin out the haters
Fanart bonnie five nights at freddy's fnaf
kageyama tobio hinata shouyou Haikyuu!! penki doodles hh this is rushed im sorry i basically woke up and realized that it was his bday and wanted to post this before the date changed in japan also hello I'M BACK SORRY FOR BEING AWAY FOR SO LONG
cole my doodles cassandra pentaghast dragon age inquisition it still cracks me up that cassandra reads smut to cole
gif art YouTube 2012 best of animated gif doodles Youtuber 2013 frame 2014 drawing tablet Markiplier markipliergame mark fischbach mechanical pencil tags: wacom intuos markiplier gif mark edward fischbach markimoo adobe flash cs6 digital tablet markiplier game markiplite markiplier fan art markiplier art flash professional
My art MY BABIES Korra lok tlok Asami Sato Korrasami HP AU 5 am doodles
Avatar atla i love her katara transparent avatar last airbender other doodles I hope I got the pose right i looked up a bunch of tai chi poses but i don't know wether that movement would result in that controlled water circle she's got goin on I think i got the hands the wrong way round like it should be reversed :/ I've been dying to draw some bending ever since I finished avatar a good few months ago
doodle cole own art nightynight dragon age inquisition da:i Krem
doodles bagginshield unfinished tales I still have to finish this book I just love this pre-quest canon and Gandalf selling Bilbo to the Company is PRECIOUS and sassy Gandy pushing a hobbit to the dwarves because they're prejudiced (i might or might not have skipped a ton of chapters oops) (book thorin is wonderful)
  • John Green:Looking for Alaska is supposed to be about how the manic pixie dream girl doesn't exist, and romanticizing women to fit your fantasy is unhealthy for both people.
  • John Green:Margo doesn't go with Q and the end of Paper Towns because it shows that women have goals an aspirations other than finding boyfriends.
  • John Green:Hazel kissing Augustus is significant because it means Hazel is taking control over her own life and choosing her own happiness. If Augustus had kissed Hazel instead, it would have made the decision of happiness equal to a boy deciding he likes you.
  • Tumblr:ugh so problematic and sexist
doodles naruto Hinata nh naruhina Himawari SEXY JUTSU Vaporotem play time Boruto vap art
gaming Fanart nostalgia doodles ps1 dragon playstation sketches SOny wacom spyro spyro the dragon playstation 1 psone FireAlpaca wacom tablet playstation one blizzarderful illustration on tumblr camilledion-bolduc camilledionbolduc
my gifs otp my graphics one piece nami Monkey D. Luffy myopgif One Piece Film Z lunami opgraphics my king and my queen
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