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i swear it's infinite doodles of my own sorry life
LOL Illustration comic doodles this actually happened it was great my first assignment from my graphic novel illustration class: O
Powerpuff Girls dexter's lab Nickelodeon doodles rugrats johnny bravo catdog Samurai Jack
art comics doodles artists on tumblr body positive maya draws things body posi the real life of maya kittenpoots kern
reasons why my grandpa is the best:he made my wife and i (i’m a woman) a giant banner for our one year anniversary when i was pregnant, the baby was kicking and when he touched my belly, the baby stopped and he called him a little shithe once called and left a voicemail asking how to spell styrofoam...
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tablet doodles i almost died chekhov irl
My girlfriend has been saying ‘voglio scoparti’ which is Italian for ‘i wanna fuck’ for the past hour in front of my parents and I don’t think she realizes that my parents are fluent in Italian and I’m too much of an ass to tell her that
comic hhheyy whats up i haveent been on in the las couple of days hhhhha shitty terrible comic also a couple doodles while i was feeling low from yestrday coming up then its submission work all night toot toot
ah yes the winter olympics time for canada to win everything again
doodles long post / these r just based off things thatve happened 2 me i dunno how Relatable it is LIKE this isn't the case 100% of the time there r plenty of things where its like 'YEA I AGREE PAST ME WAS WORSE' and it IS funny but i guess past things where… u didnt realize that they felt that way ?? i dunno anyway sorry i know in the tags of last post i said mid-january but i got drains/stitches taken out yesterday and i feel 85% more capable of sitting up so IM GONNA DRAW
doodles padlock Don't hug me I'm scared mod art dhmis what am I doing I do NOT have TIME for thIS doodle comics should make a tag for them really
A Kingdom of procrastination and it looks like I’m the Queen.
disney toy story My art comic leonardo dicaprio doodles Tom Hanks oscars Academy Awards they're best friends now can't tell me otherwise
comic doodles
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