• my gif gif chocolate nerdy math geometry i worked way too haRD ON THIS infinite chocolate indefinite chocolate I just get really passionate about geometry okay •
my uploads galaxy geometry galaxies sacred geometry sacred genesis pattern
Jim doesn’t realize how much he touches Bones and Spock people until Uhura gently reminds him that Spock is a touch telepath and would probably prefer it if Jim reigned himself in. So Jim does. Gone are the shoulder slaps and the way he’d sometimes stop Spock by grabbing his forearm. He ...
food nutrition charts cravings if you want chocolate maybe you really just want magnesium
other my stuffs wheee rotbtd idk man thought it might be fun Most of these are either REALLY hilarious or I've just had too much chocolate ahaha i have no idea what to tag this as
gif math geometry
sunggyu sungjong myungsoo woohyun infinite sungyeol gif: Infinite gif: sj all: infinite gif: wh gif: ms gif: sg gif: sy 140123 okay w/e still have 2 exams e__e I loved the intro sm ;~;;; I should've added more frames but this already took way too long >->o look sdea it's woohyun's time to shine.. :( that's the right order the more I watch the silhouettes the clearer it becomes
gif me gifs mine music bands my album as ahren stringer the amity affliction Ahren taa youngbloods stringer i worked really hard on this gif
gif psychedelic infinite geometry op art
gif louis tomlinson mine sorry louis fucking tomlinson havent loaded the video yet will post later tonight i was so turned on making this i cant even describe
gif watermarks on ALL my gifs because reposters suck and I worked hard on this one so you're NOT stealing this from me 1th
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gif mirror infinite geometry symmetry lofi
my gif acoustic Watchmaker hands like houses hlh it's weird typing that without a 4 lol I worked pretty hard on this too
gif orange infinite geometry squares
gif gifs mine food chocolate cake chocolate cake
red My art taylor swift lyric art I WORKED SO HARD ON THIS all too well all too well lyrics tswiftedit so pls reblog if you like it this too me FOREVER but it came out the way i wanted it to (: i might do more if people actually like this haha my favorite song alsdkjflasdkjf
sorry amazingphil danisnotonfire this took way too long phan phandom phil and dan dan and phil phan art poor phil okay i said the last one was the last one but i lied okay dammit phan sORRY DAN OR PHIL IF YOU SEE THIS I JUST REALLY APPREICATE YOUR FRIENDSHIP ooh there's a gif if there
so i hit post limit today and i decided to go through all of frank’s favorited tweets and these just really spoke to me
gif math geometry