• my gif harry potter remus lupin nymphadora tonks i love this scene teddy lupin hpedit why why why WHY DID THEY TAKE IT OUT remadora the deathly hallows part 2 •
1k harry potter severus snape Sirius Black albus dumbledore snape lily potter remus lupin Minerva McGonagall McGonagall lupin sirius hpquotes hpedit harry potter quotes mine:new mine:hp mine:ph so this is what i've been doing the past few days all because i decided to look up young richard harris pictures fjasdlfkjsdlfajf harry potter early generation harry potter professors
1k harry potter * my edits oh god remus lupin *harry potter hpedit I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS I DON'T WANT TO FEEL *remus lupin and i cry and i cry and i cry sobbing quietly YOU ARE THE MOST AMAZING MAN EVER I SWEAR WHY GOD WHYY why did you have to die i love you so much LITERALLY ON THE FLOOR SOBBING
like wow i really love tonks??? shes super interested in knowing who lost their buttock after moody claims it happened to wizards before shes the one who sent the dursleys that fake letter to get them out of the house dont call me nymphadora, remus! sExUaL tEnSiON 'omg moody u know thats disgusting ...
1k harry potter * gifs remus lupin nymphadora tonks TMB hpedit remadora
q hp *gif remus lupin nymphadora tonks remus x tonks *hp *1k *500 hpedit otp: but she wants you remadora
i’m apart of the “remus and tonks being in a relationship does in no way invalidate their queerness” defense squad 
hp remus lupin nymphadora tonks remadora nymphadora lupin cookiesketch i just realized remus wouldnt stay outside oops trying out a new style and i kinda like this one
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Moments from the Harry Potter books I wish made it into the movies
PeevesVoldemort’s pastThe story of Albus, Ariana, and Grindelwald. Have Albus say this in the afterlife when talking to Harry.  “Did I know, in my heart of hearts, what Gellert Grindelwald was? I think I did, but I closed my eyes.” Grindelwald refusing to give away the location o...
do u think harry bought a miniature broom for teddy’s first birthday just like sirius did for him do u think there just as many baby photos of teddy lupin in the potter house as there are of james, albus and lily  do u think harry potter was the best godfather to ever godfather 
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harry potter MY EDIT prisoner of azkaban Sirius Black JK Rowling Gryffindor hufflepuff slytherin ravenclaw remus lupin pottermore potterhead lupin werewolf genderbent remus Not my pictures aesthetic wolfstar harry potter edit remadora this was fun to make though Harry Potter aesthetic Remus Lupin edit I'm kind of scared I don't know if it's good or not fem remus lupin remus lupin aesthetic hufflepuff-halfling edit
order of the phoenix edit ootp fred weasley my stuff dh lily evans Sirius Black deathly hallows hp james potter lily potter remus lupin Dobby nymphadora tonks hpedit harry potter edit theparselmouths tpanetwork the song is by beyonce too many feels :((((
mine remus lupin nymphadora tonks remus x tonks hpedit remadora Crying all over my keyboard and i know its been done a lot but it really never gets old my otp will live forever in my heart through deleted scenes and death
harry potter Sirius Black james potter Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix remus lupin marauders bq and ugh I just really wish they covered more James in the movies they really needed to give more on the marauder friendship especially considering thats why Sirius and Remus were in Harrys life
Did anyone realize that Remus found Harry wandering the castle by himself on Halloween because Ron and Hermione went to Hogsmeade and even though Harry didn’t give it much of a thought, Remus knew that it was the anniversary of James and Lily’s death so he took Harry to his office and pr...
harry potter mine fleur delacour my graphics remus lupin nymphadora tonks weasley werewolf Bill Weasley Fenrir Greyback teddy lupin victoire weasley Metamorphmagus shewolf veela greyback effect
harry potter mine3 HP1 fred weasley Sirius Black albus dumbledore james potter lily potter remus lupin nymphadora tonks flipping nora this took me years tonight but i love the colouring
Yeah, but guys, can you imagine Remus Lupin going on a premiere of Les Mis in London (1985) because he loved the book and decided to finally go out and have a bit of fun and then hearing “Empty chairs at empty tables”? Because I just did and I am not okay. "Oh my friends, my friends forgive me That ...