• my gif harry potter remus lupin nymphadora tonks i love this scene teddy lupin hpedit why why why WHY DID THEY TAKE IT OUT remadora the deathly hallows part 2 •

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where did this take place and why am i not there
Date a boy who forgives you for your past
1k mine once upon a time ouat Emma Swan captain hook Captain Swan killian jones cs graphic ouatedit I CANNOT DO THIS ANYMORE UGHHHH WHY ARE THEY SO PRECIOUS AND PERFECT
mine Fanart haikyuu Haikyuu!! iwaizumi hajime bokuto koutarou bokuaka akaashi keiji undercover cop au
1k my gifs mine prince rest in peace
Rosario Dawson BERNIE SANDERS Cenk Uygur the young turks its been 84 years since ive made a gif
1k ginny weasley harry potter Hermione Granger MY EDIT Picspam luna lovegood dh deathly hallows hp hbp chamber of secrets remus lupin nymphadora tonks oh well Half Blood Prince lord voldemort cos hpedit tpanetwork i really can't remember if i've used that harry/ginny edit before damn lol
my gif exo tao Kai exo m exo k sehun Luhan Lay Kris Chen Kyungsoo baekhyun suho d.o chanyeol xiumin so thats why 4yearswithexo but i arranged it to their colours and i actually forgot lightsaber & the japanese versions;; some ppl may complain that this isnt in order
pokemon pokemon gif my stuff Mew anime gif pokegraphic lineart gif reason why I went back to the movie I wanted this scene to be my first lineart gif since this was the first scene I ever gif hopefully next one is more cleaner and nicer tho xD
  • me, begging:please just get up and do the work its not that hard you'll feel better when you do it
  • my brain, running away from me, smashing flowerpots with a broom:hey you know what my buddy u can go fuck yourself my guy
harry potter LOL funny haha fred weasley george weasley Sirius Black children hogwarts hp albus dumbledore james potter homework remus lupin Minerva McGonagall marauders seamus finnigan peter pettigrew maths mwpp moony wormtail padfoot prongs crew weasley twins
harry potter * hpedit harrypottergif danielsgillies harrypotterdailly sirxusblack these look so bad i hate why is it so hard to color hp smh
harry potter Hermione Granger MY EDIT hp Harry Potter meme hpedit harrypotteredit harrypottergif dailypotter harrypotterdailly gifharrypotter
1k mine spn SPN gif spnedit deancasedit destieledit 6x20 puppymish acklesy making gifs from this episode hurts a lot ughhh why are so many good deancas scenes so friggin' dark i hate it also it's a wonder dean hasnt crashed the impala yet with the amount of staring at cas he's doing
friendly reminder that dan howell saved the original pinof questions in a little box on his nightstand for 7 years goodbye
The german side of Tumblr is pissed and here’s why
Maybe you’ve noticed it, maybe you haven’t, but the german side of Tumblr is furious at the moment and it’s all the fault of today’s election. But before I begin to explain what happened, let me explain Germany’s political system first.Germany is constituted of 16 states, the “Länder”, which a...
gif 1k disney MY EDIT 5k 2k 3k Disneyedit zootopia disneydailly nick wilde zootopiaedit judy hopps nick x judy i finally figured out why i love them so much because they're basically captain swan
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