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i find it pretty fucking inconsiderate that my grandchildren haven’t used time travel to visit me. and frankly, i’m a bit offended. AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU GRANDCHILDREN?  WELL FUCK YOU  MAYBE I WON’T EVEN HAVE KIDS AND YOU WON’T EXIST  HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT
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don’t worship people. i’m serious. no matter how good they sound, how popular they are, how stinging their comebacks are, how moral they seem—do not worship people. this is something that tumblr does constantly, and whether it starts as a joke or not it ends with many people taking...
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” Why are you obsessed with video games? They don’t have any deep plot, meaning, or interesting characters. Books do.”
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1k * robin feels dick grayson spitfire young justice kid flash wally west artemis crock wallart Bereft ninja boyfriend ehh this doesnt look as good as i thought it would ehhh i dont really like my color editing either young justice: Bereft YJ S01E09 wallys actually alot smarter than he seems he has such a fancy vocabulary i love how dick tells them to get a room otp: so im your ninja boyfriend i love how in love artemis and wally are when they had amnesia i took them way to long to admit it since they technically kinda confessed in this episode
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