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gif * mine the mindy project gif: the mindy project otp: handsome jerk mindy x danny just not in that way mindy /loves/ danny you guys YET. the woman who's obsessed with romcoms and sees romance everywhere she looks just hasn't realized that her life isn't you've got mail or serendipity or sleepless in seattle it's actually when harry met sally.
1k $ Sam Claflin he's such an angel sclaflinedit i just really wanted to gif him theres no other point in this
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1k mygifs Gossip Girl blair waldorf Dan Humphrey ;_________; SOMEONE TELL ME Dair why do I do this to myself when harry met sally db* another way to spell dair is P-A-I-N endless endless pAIN why does it still matter when it's all over and done with why must i care for doomed ships and doomed ships only i swear i could grow up and get a job and get married and have kids and i will still be mourning dair THAT'S HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE DO YOU UNDERSTAND ok i'm sorry i just have very strong feelings it is upsetting for me too
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