• my gifs the hobbit LOTR my stuff kili legolas bard The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey tauriel Desolation of Smaug bard the bowman the hobbit the desolation of smaug weaponry •
harry potter mine hpedit beedle the bard dailypotter harrypotterdailly
1k MY EDIT the hobbit elrond auj lindir hobbitedit poor baby lindir that wasn't in his my job description
1k the hobbit my stuff 5k Bilbo hobbitedit tfunetwork durinsfolkprotectionsquad i hope this looks okay tho and i continue to refuse to use the new dimensions
gif the hobbit stuff Thranduil hobbitedit marianna leepaceedit look at his beautiful face
1k harry potter my stuff hp hpedit narglesnetwork remoonslupin too excited about this to schedule it for later this week
my gifs aragorn LOTR The Lord of the Rings 1000 2000 3k lotredit tolkienedit
1k MY EDIT the hobbit 2k 3k Rivendell auj hobbitedit tolkienedit
aragorn Merry My art the hobbit gimli gandalf Sam Frodo boromir Tolkien legolas Pippin glorfindel elrond Bilbo Thorin the silmarillion maglor Elros Ossë Yavanna Ulmo Maedhros fingolfin Ecthelion iluvatar
lord of the rings the hobbit Mine: lotr requests lotredit hiatus queue long post m: the hobbit hobbitedit mine: hobbit m: lord of the rings edits by thea m: th botfa there are sooo many more though! like it depends on the day of course but on ome days i might as well be overly emotional about all of it!
Illustration film lord of the rings the hobbit Middle Earth muti studio
the hobbit thorin oakenshield work in progress richard armitage step by step Thorin bagginshield
1k my gifs movies my stuff pirates of the caribbean potc Disneyedit potcedit filmedit childhood* various movies*
If Peter Jackson Adapted The Silmarillion*cringes eternally*
aragorn Frodo Baggins orlando bloom gandalf kili thorin oakenshield Gollum sean bean boromir legolas Lee Pace elrond richard armitage haldir Thranduil lindir the hobbit edit all my edits bard the bowman botfa mirkwood elves please do not repost on different websites sassy thrandy lotr elves
mine the hobbit the onion hobbit crack kindlywestnet tfunetwork
1k my gifs LOTR The Lord of the Rings 2k arwen lotredit tolkienedit
1k MY EDIT the hobbit Thranduil hobbitedit leepaceedit tolkienedit
1k my gifs LOTR The Lord of the Rings lotredit Lothlorien make me choose tolkienedit ohaldir
  • Aries:Sassy Bilbo
  • Taurus:Sassy Fili
  • Gemini:Sassy Smaug
  • Cancer:Sassy Kili
  • Leo:Sassy Galadriel
  • Virgo:Sassy Elrond
  • Libra:Sassy Dwalin
  • Scorpio:Sassy Thranduil
  • ...
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