• my stuff robin teen titans dick grayson batman the animated series Nightwing young justice Batman the Brave and the Bold teen titans go my sweet sweet sweet angel i love you so so much •
Good Thing of the Day: A woman tells her dad he’s go...
tumblr batman Awesome kid pictures picture joker batman and robin robin harley quinn epic news bruce wayne dark knight riddler Nightwing make a wish penquin save the day make a wish foundation batkid
Benedict Cumberbatch Keira Knightley So sweet the imitation game sorry if my caption is wrong tiff 2014 feel free to correct it
Oops I Did It Again (voice impression attempt)
Sam 'Apitong' Zabala 
So my mom told me to record a song for her. She didn’t give specific instr...
poetry blackout black poetry my thoughts free verse Black Excellence my black is beautiful light heart
batman star wars Friendship work out jedi steampunk kindness gym faith in humanity embarrasment personal trainer
y’all need to know what happened in the spanish masterchef last night
okay so we’ve got sweet little laura herelaura is 8 years old. even though she’d been constantly ignored and undervalued by some of the other contestants because of her age, she was definitely one of the best. everyone thought she’d definitely get to the final.last night was the semifinal.she wasn’t...
beauty cosplay lipstick tutorial crayon lipstick
seriously Signal Boost engineering recycle solar energy renewable energy solar power indiegogo i fucking love science ifls show everyone you can SIGNAL BOOOOOST kinda like kickstarter
dc wonder woman *gifset dcedit Batman vs Superman batman v superman: dawn of justice lmao well i saw the tags and couldn't resist i mean that's pretty much it that one thing that i am the most excited about in this movie *50K
aladdin sadness memories Hook Jumanji Robin Williams boston memorial good will hunting Dead Poet Society good morning vietnam FLUBBER Boston Public Garden good will hunting bench robin williams memorial
harry potter doctor who giveaway The Avengers free stuff box set
makeup thank you so much cassi0pei4 everyone go check out this site! it's a little bit pricey but at least it's a great reference point
* teen titans raven beast boy the sum of his parts
My art aladdin Robin Williams Genie sketch dailies we all loved him
heres to my size 3-8 girls. heres to my slightly squishy ladies who, whenever they have shown the slightest discomfort in their bodies, have been shut down immediately because “i would kill to have a body like yours!!!!!” “shut the fuck up youre so skinny wtf” “youre not gonna get all gross and anor...
batman: the animated series batman mine4 top harley quinn Poison Ivy batman the animated series sexists Harley and Ivy
LOL funny wtf school story american education system honestly you gotta read this - ive been through 11 years of schooling and its one of the stranger experiences ive had also theres a lot of spongebob swears on here like barnacles and fish paste
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