• my stuff robin teen titans dick grayson batman the animated series Nightwing young justice Batman the Brave and the Bold teen titans go my sweet sweet sweet angel i love you so so much •
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Oops I Did It Again (voice impression attempt)
Sam 'Apitong' Zabala 
So my mom told me to record a song for her. She didn’t give specific instr...
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LOL funny wtf school story american education system honestly you gotta read this - ive been through 11 years of schooling and its one of the stranger experiences ive had also theres a lot of spongebob swears on here like barnacles and fish paste
relationship couple cute adorable quote quotes perfect i love you aww my-art myart dating love note love letter perfect quote sweet note
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me my teeth fucking hurt now but i got the sweet sweet drank out
doctor who what a dick Moffat hate anti moffat someone has probably done something like this i was just watching this and my god moffat is so stupid i cry my eyes out because he's the worst pretend i don't care anymore if you reblog this and delete rose gif i'll kill you
gifs* lupita nyong'o lupitaedit i believe that's a tag omg you're so adorable and this doesn't do you justice this is awful i'm so sorry my precious angel
batman cosplay starbucks Halloween costume Knight dark knight barista latte dark roast JUSTICE.
1k MY EDIT The Hunger Games Catching Fire finnick odair otheredit Sam Claflin Lynn Cohen this is so adorable omg :'3 'this is my sweet' nO STOP
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my gifs amanda seyfried i honestly love her so much i recommend watching the rest of this video and the other one where talks about her taxidermy collection she's a weirdo i love it people: amanda seyfried
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