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game of thrones Sansa Stark Tyrion Lannister *mine* *1k *500 *request gotedit sansa x tyrion gotsansastark gottyrionlannister otp: i could be good to you i hope you like it anon :) omg I actually did it my magic isn't really working lately I'm afraid but I'm actually pretty proud of this so I really hope you'll like it too also I'm sorry this took me forever
I want more queer friendship stories.  Not just stories where the only two queer people find each other and fall in unhealthy codependent love in a sea of cishets.  Give me whole communities of queer people.  Give me queer best friends gushing to each other about their silly crushes.  Give me younge...
santana lopez Quinn Fabray $ quinntana my favorite thing is santana's reactions to quinn and omg the last one isn't moving for me but supposedly it is for everyone else so if it isn't working for you i'm sorry no one will understand this it's ok
Bombshell Blonde
Owl City  The Midsummer Station
* Darren Criss dick. as you can tell i'm really working hard on my schoolwork
gifs my shit Korra 1.4 anyway NO SERIOUSLY mako asami 1.3 makorra i mean no offense LOL obviously not shipping makorra isn't really working out
65889) When I eat, I feel like people judge me for eating when I'm already disgustingly fat. When I ...
MY EMOTIONS harley quinn Poison Ivy harleen quinzel Pamela Isley wednesday spoilers Harley and Ivy Poison Quinn HarleyIvy gotta love that queerbaiting i swear if this isn't them working it up to be canon i'm gunna be mad *grips chest*
gif spoilers supernatural dean winchester castiel Jensen Ackles Misha Collins DEANCAS spn spoilers gif: spn spnedit henrywinchester garthed deaniewinchester spn: S9 spn: 9x03 CS4 CRASHED ON MY AND CS6 ISN'T WORKING I'M SO ANGRY RIGHT NWOW!!!!
LOL my gifs au meme 1000 castle kate beckett nathan fillion stana katic requested 500 caskett Richard Castle Castle AU so I guess this isn't what you really wanted anon but this is how everything came up to my mind so I'm really sorry if this isn't what you wanted
my gif Pixar enchanted cinderella brave atlantis frozen the black cauldron wdas elsa eilonwy isn't really all that magic in the movie but she is in the books so that totally counts ok
Mads Mikkelsen: Sads Mikkelsen: Glads Mikkelsen:
my edits queue Picspam oh my god success magi magi: labyrinth of magic morgiana magiedit I'VE BEEN CONSTANTLY MAKING THESE LATELY SRSLY i actually have a mikasa one already i'm enjoying coloring these and by far this is my fav coloring waifu:morgiana
my gifs kagerou project kagepro kisaragi shintaro tateyama ayano lost time memory I'm really sorry I have so many shinaya feels lately u feel me anyway I love this PV with all my soul sO
my gifs b.a.p zelo yongguk himchan jongup youngjae daehyun I'm so sorry gif:bap this looks like crap I know life just takes a toll on me lately but really there's just no excuses u_____u
quotes books john green looking for alaska Alaska Young quotes series idk I'm tagging this because technically it is a quote but the illustration isn't directly derivative PLEASE DON'T YELL AT ME FOR MY BOOKS this really is my main bookshelf
Illustration animation artists on tumblr disclaimer: this isn't real THIS ISN'T REAL I'M JUST FANTASIZING inner city kappa
1k ** mine Zooey Deschanel princess zd idk how i feel about this gifset i think i like it but i'm not sure ugh i'm so insecure about my coloring lately
LOL funny comics mtg magic tcg doodleforfood