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turn ons: suho suho’s bleached hair suho’s bleached eyebrows suho’s money suho’s no limit titanium credit card turn offs: baekhyun
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You want to be thin and you want to be pretty, but then there’s pizza
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  • college:Why should we accept you
  • me:*raps the entire verse of anaconda and laughs nicki's nasty laugh flawlessly*
  • college:damn son you in
The only person I owe shit to is myself.
  • John Green:Looking for Alaska is supposed to be about how the manic pixie dream girl doesn't exist, and romanticizing women to fit your fantasy is unhealthy for both people.
  • John Green:Margo doesn't go with Q and the end of Paper Towns because it shows that women have goals an aspirations other than finding boyfriends.
  • John Green:Hazel kissing Augustus is significant because it means Hazel is taking control over her own life and choosing her own happiness. If Augustus had kissed Hazel instead, it would have made the decision of happiness equal to a boy deciding he likes you.
  • Tumblr:ugh so problematic and sexist
Did you see what that Psycho Bitch did?
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“why do you always have to be so sexual about everything?”
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I’m having nostalgia about a decade I never lived in
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do you ever just get really overwhelmed because of how adorable someone is like they do something or say something and you physically have to stop and smile because it’s so cute
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"Why are you so upset? It’s just a video ga-"
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