• my sweet sweet sweet angel i love you so so much •
my stuff robin teen titans dick grayson batman the animated series Nightwing young justice Batman the Brave and the Bold teen titans go my sweet sweet sweet angel i love you so so much
~ cory monteith my sweet angel i haven't opened photoshop in so many days but i just needed to get this out of my system idk if i'll ever be able to edit pics of him anymore i love you so much cory
1k ** mine The Hunger Games katniss everdeen Peeta Mellark Catching Fire thgedit everlark cfedit my sweet angel boy i love you so much let me hold you forever
iron man The Avengers gif* Marvel avengers idk what this is Iron Man 2 pepper potts my sweet angel i love you SO much
film the hobbit my posts kili I love you so much angel* aidan turner hobbitedit u win some u lose some i have a lot of feelings about you i havent been on in over a week helloo!!!! some of these gifs i really like some i do not my sweet sweet baby ange
Dreams do come true. I know, because I found you.
1k Zayn Malik mine Zayn 500 you're so precious and beautiful and sweet and goofy and sensitive yet edgy and intense and deep oh man i just love you so much so much so much so fucking much
Ride (Acoustic)
Lana Del Rey 
if you need to feel unreal please listen to this beautiful gem and cry for nine ...
1k ** puella magi madoka magica bye Mami Tomoe Madoka Magica pmmm guns cw my sweet angel waifu you deserved so much better i'm in so much pain don't watch this anime it'll ruin you
gif LOL funny haha cute omg sleep kill you aw i love you tv show in sweet Lucy Hale so much i'm Ian Harding your Punk'd going to
mine 1000notes love of my life i love him so much gareki karneval husbando !karneval my!graphic Help* birthday tributes hbd my love karneval!graphic tsundere prince HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAREKI MY HUSBAND THE BAE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ;; i'm trash this sucks and this is so late ;;;;;; i love gareki so much oh my goddd he's such a nerd my husbando tag has over 26 pages i need hel i just. love gareki. so much. i love him so much he's the ultimate bae i will never not love him ever fuck hw i love him so much ;;; he's so sweet and caring and that just makes me so happy i want to be like that??? ? he's so important to me
mine glee blaine anderson sweet angel ilu so much
* pretty little liars pll troian Bellisario she is the best pllgif nath my sweet sweet angel i can't believe it took me so much time but i had to
Cemetery Drive
My Chemical Romance  Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
I miss you, I miss you so farAnd the collision of your kiss that made it so hard
gif edit stuff King Lee Pace look at him omg Happy Birthday my angel i'm just gonna express myself on the tags Lee you mean so much to me You're just a sweet angel I'm actually happy that you're such a private guy because it makes me 2949 more happy to hear from you Your fans are so adorable You're lucky they are so sweet and amazing Your acting is wonderful I just cannot wait to see you winning an Oscar one day and I'll be there screaming on my TV 'YOU DID IT' and being immensely proud of you Cause you made it ily Pace i'll just post that now because it's midnight in France and since everyone from the Hobbit fandom is having a Lee moment
harold Example grimmy aimee phillips you're so sweet aimee I LOVE YOU ALL LET'S BE FRIENDS
1k game of thrones asoiaf *my gifs gotedit Oberyn Martell Pedro Pascal gotoberynmartell gotgifs* don't go sweet prince don't leave us come baaack can daario randomly be recasted as pedro ugh i love you so much bae
mine gifs* Bob's Burgers pinkmanjesse thorsodinson this was so sweet i love my father
love photography girl cute quote quotes sky omg you stars boy you and i rain so cute sun true love sweet love quotes i leaves love letters petals ILYSM snowflakes picoftheday So sweet love notes teardrops quoteoftheday twinkleestar07