• my sweet sweet sweet angel i love you so so much •
~ cory monteith my sweet angel i haven't opened photoshop in so many days but i just needed to get this out of my system idk if i'll ever be able to edit pics of him anymore i love you so much cory
iron man The Avengers gif* Marvel avengers idk what this is Iron Man 2 pepper potts my sweet angel i love you SO much
1k Zayn Malik mine Zayn 500 you're so precious and beautiful and sweet and goofy and sensitive yet edgy and intense and deep oh man i just love you so much so much so much so fucking much
gif LOL funny haha cute omg sleep kill you aw i love you tv show in sweet Lucy Hale so much i'm Ian Harding your Punk'd going to
mine glee blaine anderson sweet angel ilu so much
Cemetery Drive
My Chemical Romance  Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
I miss you, I miss you so farAnd the collision of your kiss that made it so hard
* pretty little liars pll troian Bellisario she is the best pllgif nath my sweet sweet angel i can't believe it took me so much time but i had to
gif edit stuff King Lee Pace look at him omg Happy Birthday my angel i'm just gonna express myself on the tags Lee you mean so much to me You're just a sweet angel I'm actually happy that you're such a private guy because it makes me 2949 more happy to hear from you Your fans are so adorable You're lucky they are so sweet and amazing Your acting is wonderful I just cannot wait to see you winning an Oscar one day and I'll be there screaming on my TV 'YOU DID IT' and being immensely proud of you Cause you made it ily Pace i'll just post that now because it's midnight in France and since everyone from the Hobbit fandom is having a Lee moment
harold Example grimmy aimee phillips you're so sweet aimee I LOVE YOU ALL LET'S BE FRIENDS
gifs jessica chastain my sweet angel LOOK AT HER SHE'S TEARING UP she seems so happy
mygifs colourful yellow submarine 4k my HD gifs George is so hidden Okay I think thi s is the best gifset I have made it seems flawless okay i love them so much this gifset is extremely cute their sweet faces
xxx I love you so much I made a thing louis and harry hommos I'LL SEND YOU A REAL SWEET ASS MESSAGE AFTER BUT RIGHT NOW I NEED TO EAT I LOVE U OK A LOT i love u ali so much
my graphics nouis I'M VOMITING RAINBOWS this was so sweet i can't even deal louis you angel
* my shit slash Guns N Roses axl rose guns n' roses Saul Hudson sweet child o' mine shit gif for chRIS'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! swaxlrose b/c i know this part is ur fave <3 i love you so much chris ok and gifs are the only way i know how to express this ok
gaming my gifs gta veins Sweet prince apple of my eye GTA V pls love me trevor phillips Steven Ogg look at dem arms Greg Miller Up At Noon I SPENT SO SO SO MUCH TIME ON THIS i love you but you are killing me
mygif exo EXO-M bias ily my prince Lay yixing zhang yixing my sweet angel my favorite person exoshitlist finally done... thank you so much for being patient with me this will never be good enough for him ;n; i wanted to add 800 other things /sobs
love couple cute couple cute omg so cute sweet ah oh my god alex sierra Gosh beautiful couple oh gosh So sweet my babes xfactor usa sweet babes x factor USA 2013 alex and sierra
super junior kyuhyun cho kyuhyun ss5 mexico kyutegifs sweet bby kyu i love you and ur bad spanish so much <3
gif Harry Styles I love you so much mmp sweet baby