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gillian anderson the fall I made a thing ily so much stella gibson gillianandersonedit thefalledit gillianedit 101 fictional females literally my number one
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my gifs gillian anderson the fall stella gibson gillianandersonedit will i ever stop making gifs of stella this week who knows
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1k mygifs :)) gillian anderson the fall I love her so much bbc the fall stella gibson thefalledit mygifs: thefall look at the tiny little smirk at the end she's like: 'he probably thinks i'm joking' but im not motherfucker
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1k gillian anderson the fall archie panjabi stella gibson Tanya Reed Smith *laughs nervously* I'm fine with where we are so far but pretty apprehensive of where we go from here I remember when someone contrasted stella's first looks at olson and reed smith and how she looked like she wanted both and obviously I was all on board for that (like I'm  NOT going to ship them) but we just figured it was stella being stella but the contrast between this night and with olson is pretty interesting I think even with it probably intended to be some kind of one night stand there were already so many more feelings involved it's not just because stella knows her longer and because she's a woman but she just LIKES reed smith femslash related stuff
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MY EDIT gifs* **** the fall i feel like shit i need more of her stella gibson thefalledit she is so hot
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