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my edits Jensen Ackles Jeffrey Dean Morgan spnedit Jensenedit Can't stop smiling myjaedit jdmedit vegascon2015 myjdmedit jensen's happiness is infectious
my edits Jensen Ackles oh yes jibcon spnedit Jensenedit COCKLES PANEL myjaedit jibcon2015 those are good arms to have
my edits Jensen Ackles VanCon Jensenedit spncastedit jensen singing myjaedit rockstar!jensen jensen and his guitar *monumental hearteyes* vancon2015
my edits Jensen Ackles Mark Sheppard the bad seed look at that smile spn spoilers director!jensen Jensenedit spncastedit Spn BTS 11x03 myjaedit smile like sunshine 11x03 on set jensen has a hat and a scarf
my edits Jensen Ackles HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE spnedit Jensenedit hashtag king 2014 was the year that saw the impossible: jensen ackles on twitter and oh what a joy it turned out to be here's hoping 2015 brings just as many grumpy old man tweets with accompanying dorky hashtags myjaedit ja tweets