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No single Greek god even approaches Dionysus in the horror of his epithets, which near witness to a savagery that is absolutely without merc...
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Adsfsr son of Sdfgddgrl sat upon his throne Hhghhfgdh in the great golden hall of Yuggjhdgf.df45.,;’[-[lmdjfh;, 
Hey, American uterus owners: want to be completely put off by the idea of ever procreating? Then read this expose in the NY Post about how many women have gotten screwed by our cou...
Reduce cellulite. Be gone dry skin. Vanish unwanted facial hair. Diminish stretch marks. Fade age spots. Eliminate feminine odor. Lose weigh...
  • zeus:*looks at woman*
  • hera:hoe don't do it
  • zeus:*gets woman pregnant*
  • hera:oh my god
  • If you went to the movie theater this weekend, you might've caught the latest Scarlett Johansson action movie called "Lucy." It's about a woman who develops superpowers by harnessing the full potential of her brain.
  • SCARLETT JOHANSSON:I'm able to do things I've never done before. I feel everything and I can control the elements around me.
  • UNIDENTIFIED MAN:That's amazing.
  • WESTERVELT:You've probably heard this idea before. Most people only use 10% of their brains. The other 90% of the basically dormant. Well, in the movie "Lucy," Morgan Freeman gives us this what-if scenario?
  • MORGAN FREEMAN:What if there was a way of accessing 100% of our brain? What might we be capable of?
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The left-brain right-brain myth will probably never die because it has become a powerful metaphor for different ways of thinking – logical, focused and analytic versus broad-minded...
Big Fat List of Myth-Defying Health Resources
This is Redefining Body Image's go-to list of resources, articles, research, videos, etc. providing facts and information regarding health and body image, especially dedicated to debunking the everyone's favorite myth that fat = unhealthy. If I referred you to this page and this way of thinking abou...
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  • gods:we have a problem
  • gods:let's get loki to fix it
  • loki:k
  • gods:
  • loki:
  • gods:fucking hell that's not what we meant loki
  • loki:lol u mad
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When Hades decided he loved this girl he built for her a duplicate of earth, everything the same, down to the meadow, but with a bed added. ...
The sun inside of him rages like wildfire and he is gold gold gold and he is scorching the skin of my heart, yet still he pretends that he ...
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Myths are stories about people who become too big for their lives temporarily, so that they crash into other lives or brush against the gods...
The dead sing us songs I’m learning to answer.
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