• 10 Thing to tell you that you are a master of postponing •

10 Thing to tell you that you are a master of postponing

You know you have an important task to do. And, in spite of it, you just quickly skim through you FB wall, check the news before the work, and read your e-mails again. Is is familiar? Then, this is your post.

1. A relaxed beginning

A the beginning, you are very relaxed: you feel that all rhe time is yours and you can do everything on time, without any problems. You have the right plan in your head, and you know the itiner correctly. But, at the end, everything gets messed up. Somehow…
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2. Then make a resolution

You won’t do it like this next time. Then… you do it.

3. Do not worry about deadlines

Your lawyer might currently be in action with the banks, as you did not give any reaction to the third warning to pay your bills. So, when your friends panicking about receiving the first one, you just say:: “no problem.”
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4. The last deadline is your friend

No, not the official last one, that the one you begged for…
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5. Kim Kardashian is the most important

Before you start working, you skim through all the celebrity posts. Because they are very iiiimportant. Then you go and smoke a cigar, just before you start the work. Then check what happened while you were away. Then go to smoke.
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6. The same applies to cleaning as well

Have you ever started reorganizing you room instead of learning? That’s what I am talking about…
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7. Multitasking

You share your attention between the work and social networking sites. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult for you to concentrate on one thing for a long time. Sometimes you start to worry about having ADHD. But relax. You are not sick.
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8. I’ll do it in the evening, I am a night owl…

Then comes “I’ll do it tomorrow morning, I can get up early.” and… “I’ll do it on the way…” And you always have a good reason for it…
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9. Christmas is you horror time

This is the time when the result of your postponing escalates. You often end up with no tree, no presents and you’ll miss the ingredients from the dinner… Come on, this minute is the last for you to get organized!
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big time rush james maslow james diamond big time christmas

10. ;)

Okay, you certainly have something to do instead of reading this article. Go and do it, we’ll leave you!
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