• 5 Differences Between European and American Christmas •

5 Differences Between European and American Christmas

Who decorates the tree, who brings the present and what is the whole thing about?

1. Boxing day or Christmas Eve?

In many European countries, the highlight of the festival is not the Boxing day. It is actually Christmas Eve, or Holy Eve when families gather, open the presents and celebrate intimately.
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2. Who brings the present?

There are countries, such as Hungary or some parts of Austria and Romania too, where the presents are not delivered by Santa, but are taken by the Baby Jesus or his angels.
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3. The food

In many catholic countries, the Holy Eve (24th December) is still the part of lent, where believers are not allowed to eat meat. Therefore, the main dish is often fish, as it is not considered to be real meat. turkey is a modern day invention.
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4. Who is the helper of Santa?

In the Eastern site of the European countries, Santa Claus is not actually Santa, but Saint Nicolas, the former Bishop of Myra, a town in Italy,. He was believed to help out three girls who wanted to go prostitutes, as they financials did not allow them to marry. Therefore, European “Santa” is often depicted in his cleric clothes. Being an Italian, he does not live in the Arctic, but in heaven, and their helpers are not elves, but former evil souls, who are his slaves for punishment. In many countries the bad behavior is not honored by coal but rod or birch.
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5. No pullies

In most countries no ugly Christmas pullovers are given. But it does not mean that you won’t receive ugly gifts.
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